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Who is the perfect Huck director?


We’ve been talking to a few guys, but only one has really nailed it in terms of a take we all like, but he’s got another movie of his own he’s thinking about I wanted to spitball of a few other choices. The studio are SUPER keen to make this and have a big pot of money sitting there to make the picture. The only real question is who can get the appropriate TONE.

Now let’s be sensible here. Yes, I know the tone is early Amblin and the first thing people will say is Spielberg, Zemeckis and JJ Abrams, but none are available and we’d love to be filming this one at the New Year. With this in mind, who do you love? This book is really, really, really important to me and seems to have really struck a chord with readers. It’s important that the adaptation does it justice. I know that’s ALWAYS the case, but especially so here. I want Huck to just be done perfectly.

So… thoughts!



Chris Columbus or Ron Howard? Also too big/unavailable?


Jeff Nichols who just wrote & directed Midnight Special would be my first choice. It was something like ET but with a distinctive understanding of middle America that the director already exhibited with Mud, Take Shelter and Shotgun Stories.

Much more effective than SUPER 8, for example.

He’s also got a little heat now due to the movie’s critical success.

The big question with him is whether he would work on a movie that originated from someone else. He seems committed to writing and directing.


Ron Howard was the first name to pop into my mind.


Jeff Nichols is an interesting choice. I think I find his stuff too Gothic maybe? In its own way? May be a better choice for American Jesus.


What about Brad Bird? He gets the hopeful tone perfectly in Iron Giant and The Incredibles. He can also do action as can be seen in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. I didn’t see Tomorrowland. So I don’t know if he stuck the landing on combining the two. Evidently, he also wrote batteries not included.


That would be good, too. He seems like he’d be up for something more mainstream and major:

He took another bite of hamburger as we talked directors. “There’s a short roster of people who can step in and direct these $100 million and $200 million films,” Nichols said.

Did he want to be on that short list? “If it’s good, and if I’m given enough rope to hang myself, totally!”

Little by little, strategic decision by strategic decision, Nichols has been preparing to make not this movie so much as the next one or perhaps the one after that. At a distinctly unwhopping $23 million, Midnight Special’s budget is more than twice as big as those of his first three movies combined. This film is about a boy with extraordinary powers on the run across the South with his dad, with special effects and car chases and a real live marketing budget from a real live movie studio—Warner Bros., a place where auteur directors, from Eastwood to Nolan, take on giant projects.

The path from Southern Gothic indies to superheroes isn’t an obvious one, though—and not one that everybody with the film-school cred of Nichols would want to walk. But he does, even if the things that make Nichols a great director might mean he won’t get the chance.

Don’t worry, though. Jeff Nichols has a plan.

Personally, with the news that Grahame-Smith is not directing THE FLASH, I think he may be on WB’s list to take that film over.


I was going to suggest some other names, but Brad Bird is perfect.

Maybe James Gunn. But only if Chris Pratt is Huck.


Andrew Stanton


Rupert Wyatt did some really moving emotional stuff in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Not an ounce of fat on that movie either which is a fault of many modern films.


Brad Bird as a 1st choice, Ron Howard a close 2nd, if neither is available I’ll cancel my Col. Stars&Stripes series and make myself available. :wink:


Jeff Nichols would be a great choice for sure.
Matt Reeves
Garth Jennings – Son of Rambo had a similar tone.
Even more so – Dave Green’s Earth to Echo
Robert Connolly
Lenny Abrahamson
Maya Forbes
That Amblin vibe is more apparent in animation now. Aside from those already mentioned:
Gil Kenan (Monster House)
Sam Fell (ParaNorman)


Also thinking Ron Howard.


Has he made a feel-good film in the last 20 years? Maybe he can try again at the spirit of Cocoon?


Ron Howard hasn’t really impressed me with his films in a while. RUSH was probably the best I’ve seen of his lately, but even that fell a bit flat. Haven’t seen IN THE HEART OF THE SEA, though.

In that same vein, though, I would consider Gary Ross, the guy who wrote these:

And wrote and directed these:

He’s got FREE STATE OF JONES coming out in June this year, which could be pretty good:

Gary Ross Interview

Obviously, I’d also see him as a potential SUPERIOR director.


A Beautiful Mind just about scrapes in on both counts.


Though Nichols or Ross would be way up high on my list, a pair of truly left-field candidates would be Tony or Dan Gilroy. Though they are known more for much darker work on Michael Clayton and Nightcrawler (and, of course, the Bourne movies), Clayton also had a strong heroic throughline and Dan Gilroy also was a writer on REAL STEEL. They certainly can direct, they understand comedy and tragedy and they know how to tell a story.


Zack Snyder or Michael Bay


Again…I ask whether it is difficult to be a film director. If there was a book about how to make a blockbuster movie, I would be willing to read it. Or get an app.

I’d be really good. I’m sure.


I think Rob Reiner (Princess Bride, Bucket List) would be a good fit.