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Who is the greatest comic book artist of all time?


I’m looking for opinions on who is the Master of Masters. In my opinion it comes down to two individuals. John Buscema and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. Both of these gentlemen created images that not only shaped the way comics are drawn but their work still echoes through some of the most popular artists out there today.


My personal favorite is John Romita, Sr.




Rob liefeld… I kid… I kid… lol


Steve Neal Jim Frank Bryan Hitch Quitely Steranko Adams Ditko.

That guy.


I guess I can look at it like “who represents comics the BEST”…and, even that is entirely subjective.
I’d have to say Neal Adams.
But there are loads of “studs” out there that I would all count as in the running:
Sean Murphy
All the above speak to me on some level.


It’s got to be Kirby. I adore many others but don’t see the case for any of them.


I’m with u on kirby… was probly the most influential comic book artist ever… not sure if that classifies as greatest tho


Kirby is not of the same order of magnitude. He’s about four beyond.


He’s not “King Kirby” for nothin…


George Perez


Whats the criteria - their rendering style or including their layouts and storytelling?

With all of that in mind, depending on what day you asked me, it’s from Kirby, Moebius, John Buscema, JLGL, Otomo, Toth or Eisner.

Today is a Toth day.


What Sanjay says.

John Buscema was my favourite artist growing up. He seemed to have drawn all of my favourite comics.

Jim Steranko should probably be on the list as well, but I don’t think he has quite the broad body of work.

And I will probably buy anything with George Perez or John Romita Jr., so both would be fairly high on my list as well.


Very tough question. I’d say Dave McKean. But don’t hold my word on that. I greatly admire Jim Aparo’s Batman, who probably drew under Adams’ influence.
The list goes on:
Kelley Jones - for its over the top style
Jim Lee - for its glitz and muscularity
Brian Bolland - for its photorealism
Bill Sienkewicz (I watched several videos with him on YT and thought:“This guy knows everything about drawing!”)


It’s impossible to list just one name. Too many “greats” that all stand on a equal footing.

(But it’s Kirby :slight_smile: )


My favorites are Jim Lee and Capullo


You’ve reminded me that I should’ve added - Steranko, Frank Miller and Gene Colan (just pencils or inked by Tom Palmer) on that list (and not making it easier for myself to narrow it down to just one)

If I had a list of people still putting work out there then:

JrJr (especially when he was inked by Al Williamson, but sadly no more of that)
Guy Davis (with Dave Stewart on colors)
Kyle Baker
Kevin Nowlan
Steve Rude
Sean Phillips
Frank Quietly
Eduardo Risso

I have an inability to just choose one, its when the mood suits.


Lee? As in Jim Lee?


Jack Kirby is, first and foremost, the greatest comic book artist of all time. His early work in the 40s was more dynamic and fluid than his contemporaries; his innovative layouts and use of mixed media in the 60s was inspirational to a whole generation of comics artists, and his sheer output and creativity has rarely (if ever) been matched.

That said, there are a number of artists whose techniques and style I prefer over Kirby’s style. Among them:
John Buscema
John Byrne
Jim Lee
Travis Charest
Bryan Hitch
Frank Quitely
Mike Mignola


George Perez or Jack Kirby.

Byrne’s out, for me, as pretty much everything he’s done since the mid-80s pales in comparison to his earlier work.