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Who had it and then lost it?


Inspired by this clip from Trainspotting:

At one point you’ve got it, then you lost it, and it’s gone forever.

Do you agree? And if so who do you think has lost it?

My list of folks who’ve lost it (in my opinion to kick things off): Stephen Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep, Denzel, Beyonce & Chris Pratt.


By it do you mean their talent or their drawing power?


Hillary Clinton.

Kevin Spacey.



Abe Simpson




I found it again, turns out it was between the cushions on my couch


Just to go off that specific clip…Danny Boyle. With Trainspotting and 28 Days Later he was one of my favorite filmmakers. Now he still makes okay movies, I suppose. But nothing with near the impact and energy of his early work.

Kevin Smith too. He was really hot in the 90s. Now he occasionally directs the CW superhero shows.


Tom Hiddleston - After doing Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies, his subsequent picks for movies were terrible. While he did well in The Night Manager, it was not the real save he needed.

Also, dating Taylor Swift didn’t help.

I want to say Chris Pine but I’m not sure he had it to begin with.


To quote Siadwel on Naked Video many years ago.

"My father told me to ‘go for it!’ I went for it.

It had gone."


Their talent primarily. Their drawing power fades over time as people remember them for their older success and forget they haven’t done anything good in a decade.

Bascially everyone in T2. McGregor felt like he’d lost his edge and was just acting like it was any other movie, Miller looks like he’s lost the will to live, fat Begbie isn’t anywhere near as frightening as young Begbie and Spud really looked like a suburban Dad. And the movie had all these edit gimmicks to hide that there wasn’t much new stuff there. I still loved the movie, but like I love an old friend rather than thinking it’s truly great.


I didn’t quite love it, but I enjoyed it for the same basic reason. It felt comfortable and fun, but that’s about it.


I really enjoyed it. I think a lot of that had to do with seeing the first film right out of high school and then seeing this one at a similar age to the characters. I can’t imagine someone coming to this film fresh and making much of a connection. It’s more like a reunion show.


Johnny Depp. What was the last good movie he was in?


Tim Burton

I think he lost it right around Big Fish.


The first Pirates.

I will submit Terry Gilliam and Nicolas Cage.


Clearly. DeNiro too, but he lost is years and years ago. Right after Heat probably. And Pacino come to think of it.


The National. The last 2 albums have been very weak.


Deniro lost it when he started doing comedies like Analyze This and Meet the Fockers.

Weirdly dramatic actors lose it when they start doing comedies and about half of comic actors lose it when they start doing dramatic roles.


I’ll also add Cameron Crowe, Jim Carrey, and Will Smith. I think the latter two are down to them just not caring anymore, but Cameron Crowe had Fast Times, Say Anything, Jerry Maguire, and Almost Famous and then a whole lot of forgettable nothing.


I think Robin Williams beat those odds, but he was a generational talent. Typically a comic actor gets one good dramatic performance where you’re like “he’s really good!” and then they become a under average dramatic actor and the weakness in their skills comes though.