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Who deserves a movie after Deadpool?


So this morning I’m sure every studio scrambled to see what properties they’d optioned that they can now fast track given the success of Deadpool. Raunchy, violent & sweary just became box office gold.

Knowing that all the Hollywood executives come to visit Millarworld every day to get ideas from the best and brightest minds in the country (that’s you fine folks) what properties would you like to see fast tracked?

Clearly Lobo will be starting development by the end of the week, with a desperate search for a treatment writer to figure out how to bring the Main Man to the big screen. And someone will be checking Jeffery Dean Morgan’s shootings schedule for the tale end of this year to see if they can lock him in. But what else is there? What should they do and who should they cast?

Hey Hollywood, if you want my opinion start on Marshal Law immediately!!


Howard the Duck.


Dredd sequel.


I want to see other Rob Liefeld properties fast tracked, mainly X-Force and Youngblood. The later lends itself better to your raunchy, violent and sweary impetus a little better I think.

The focus on more adult comic material could be a good in for Saga as well. In fact, it might hit all the right buttons with raunchy, violent, sweary and Star Wars-like space drama. I’m just not sure the budget for it could handle the R rating.


Expect Wolverine to get upgraded to R and probably end up with both a Deadpool cameo and a new lease of life.


Actually, a Savage Dragon movie probably has its best shot at getting made right now if Larsen can get his screenplay in the right hands asap.




I’m not a huge Savage Dragon fan but that could be epic. @njerry would die of a heart attack with excitement before he ever got to see the film.



Harley Quinn

You know WB/DC is already ordering changes to Suicide Squad to facilitate her spin-off.


Squirrel Girl.


In terms of ripping the piss out of Superheroes and being able to maintain some strong drama, I think it would translate really well on-screen. Before Deadpool it never stood a chance, but if the right characters were used and it was pitched properly, and soon, it’s something that could follow up on the same type of success but still be very unique.

Larsen would probably need to shut his twitter down for the whole promotion though.

Holy crap!! I’ve just had a thought. What if The Rock played Dragon?! His Twitter promotion would be on par with Reynold’s!


If all goes well with Preacher, there’s a good chance Ennis could end up with Hollywood knocking.


That is perfect casting.

I’ve wanted to give Savage Dragon a shot for a while but don’t know where to dip in. Are there any standout storylines? I read the first issue when it first came out but was more into Lee and Liefeld’s corners of Image. I read the zero issue a year or so back and it was pretty good.


Which may have been out a year or two before its time. I think several 2000ad properties have that hard edged and satirical thing as default. Strontium Dog perhaps?


It’s a pretty soapy book, which I think is part of the appeal that Larsen has done it for such a long run. I got a couple of huge (cheap) black and white compendium thingies which had about the first 50 issues in it, it read well that way. I’m not sure a particular arc would work in the same way.


Agree on both counts :slightly_smiling:


Loads but mostly for different reasons. It’s kind of hard to describe or pick out a particular storyline that is what Dragon is all about. It’s just really this guys life (and currently, his son’s life) and all the shit he has to go through because he’s got a fin on his head and is indestructible and super strong.

It reinvents itself every twenty or thirty issues. personally I think it’s like a soap opera in a way that you could just dip in from the current issue and understand the drama and story, the actual storylines are good in different ways and pretty diverse with alot of homages to different eras at the big two.

I can tell you my favourites, which are probably Dragon Wars or the latter end of the Chicago PD years.


That’s the feeling I always got from it which is why I never dipped in much. The Marvel Essentials style book sounds like it would be a good fit.


Yeah and it was really a copy of the Marvel Essentials format. I can see it is still available for as cheap as $14.