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Who buys comics?


I know it’s an odd question to ask on a message board for a comic writer but it seems more than a few posters don’t actually buy and read comics. So the only fair way to settle it is with a poll. So here goes.

#How often do you purchase new comics*?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly/ a few trades a year
  • I don’t really buy comics anymore.
  • I never bought comics.

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*New comics include paper, digital, singles, trades, reprints and digital subscriptions.


None of the above. I buy paper comics every two weeks (bi-weekly).

I used to purchase weekly but as I have scaled back by pull list so dramatically, there would be weeks with nothing in my box. My last bi-weekly trip had me purchasing only two comics.


I buy most of my comics digitally…For no reason but habit, I buy them on a Wednesday now.


I’m pretty much the same. I still like the thrill of New Comics Day. The Chief’s books are about the only single issues I buy in physical form anymore. I might switch to digital on his books once Reborn and Jupiter’s Legacy finish. I also buy digital trades during sales and the occasional hardcover on Amazon. I still really like the idea of the LCS but digital is so much easier for reading and storage and it’s hard to willingly pay 40% more for physical trades.


Can you put up an option for a monthly digital subscription? All I do is Marvel Unlimited these days.


I only follow like 3 series, but it’s not right to say “weekly”


I just stopped having the time to read comics - it’s been weeks since I’ve read anything beyond the new Millar. I still bought the books and redeemed the codes but now that Marvel stopped providing them I’ve dropped all Marvel books.

I’m convinced a sales crisis is going to hit soon.


I’d include that under ‘monthly’ Kiel. It is noted that ‘buying’ comics can be digital or trades and you are reading and paying that way.


Once someone has voted on a poll, it can’t be edited. So pick the option closest to your habits please.


If you say so, but I think there’s a pretty big difference. It’s not an intentional payment each month, it’s basically subconscious and just provides vast access. I don’t feel like I’m “purchasing” comics every month.[quote=“RonnieM, post:9, topic:9757, full:true”]
Once someone has voted on a poll, it can’t be edited. So pick the option closest to your habits please.

I haven’t voted, so.


I know but I think the main point was whether people read or not. The purchasing method is not really the main issue. If you had no interest you’d cancel the sub (so really I disagree with Jim on that, not reading is not reading).


I’d say Keil isn’t really buying comics anymore (going by the spirit of the question).


Others have though. All it takes is a single vote to lock the poll.

I added digital subscriptions to the description of “new comics”. So you can vote “Monthly” if you pay month to month or “Yearly” if you pay the yearly subscription.


Both are fair assessments. I’ll leave to the individual to decide whether they are still in the game or not. :wink:


Well hell I’m confused now!


As usual it seems we can define the question to suit what we’d prefer the answer to be. :smile:

The referendum conundrum.

To break the deadlock I would say that if you read any of the new Marvel comics when they get added it counts, if you are just reading old stuff from previous decades, probably not.


So @Kiel voted Leave is what you’re saying?


I still buy trades, but space is becoming an issue. I have been collecting comics for over 35 years, so I have a lot…

I guess I am due a Todd-esque clear out at some point.

The only singles I still buy physically are stuff by @mattgarvey1981 and stuff by the Chief… As I mentioned before, Mrs. J loved Huck , so it was a book we bought together.



I don’t think I can select an option from the poll, then, but to provide my actual views on it:

Living in Asia, buying singles is physically impossible, and if I have to go digital, I have a hard time justifying buying individual issues when I can pay 10 dollars a month to read thousands of issues I never had the chance to. If I was living in America, I’d likely be going to my LCS to buy indie comics but not the big 2.


That’s probably a good rule of thumb. My main push was who is still putting money in the system that allows new comics to be made. More than once, I’ve been surprised at Millarworld regulars who say they don’t read comics anymore/at all.

I should have known there would be quibbling about terms with this lot. :wink: