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Who are the most likeable/ sweetest characters ever in movies?


The Bubble Boy in Bubble Boy


Ray in Ghostbusters.
Billy and Kate in Gremlins.


Spud from Trainspotting.



“More pleasure through other people’s leisure.” :wink:


Charles Grodin as Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas in Midnight Run


Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society

Lily Collins in Mirror, Mirror


In the Super Hero Genre is hard to top Reeves Clark Kent.

Let´s see:
Dany Ocean (The Charming Crook)
Viktor Navorsky (Tom Hanks playing what we all Think Tom Hanks really is)
Jim Braddok (Russell Crowne Playing what we all Don´t think he really is)
Rose (The Heart from The last Jedi).

My memory is not what it used to be… but those came from the top of y head.


Kieran Culkin - Scott Pilgrim
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Death Proof
Crocodile Dundee!!!


Kieran Culkin in SP is certainly likeable but I wouldn’t say he is sweet. Not with the track record of stealing Stacey’s boyfriends.