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Who are the most inspirational people alive?


I don’t mean influential. I mean inspirational. As in peace workers, charity campaigners, etc. I also don’t mean in your own life. I mean people with even a small level of public presence. This is for dialogue in a story I’m writing and I’m sure I’m missing some good ones internationally. Just famously decent people (celebrities/ Hollywood types excluded).



Malala Yousafzai


David Norris


Hmm. Thanks guys. Any brilliant medics or people helping refugees with interesting back-stories who have really stood out?


Aside from Bono, obviously?

(please don’t say Bono in your comic, I will legit kill everyone)


David Eubank and his family - Ex-Special Forces turned aid worker.




Anybody who works with or for Doctors Without Borders.


I’d have said Aung San Suu Kyi was probably the most famous inspirational person, except she’s involved in a bit of the old genocide now so that probably taints her name.

5 minutes on the Nobel Peace Prize Wiki should give you a few names.


I had exactly the same thought on both counts.


Oprah? She seems to be in the news a bit.


Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers, although there seems to be ongoing debate as to whether he’s actually doing what he says he’s doing.


Sorry. Is in Spanish.
Long Story Short, Rivas is a socialist Politician who got injured, and ended up quadriplegic in an attempted robery.
But, like a real superheroe (wich i think he is) he kept doing his job (wich included standing up against corruption, a very pernicious labor reform, and advocating same sex marriage and abortion) until a year ago when his term ended.