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who are the most iconic male tv characters from the 5 years


insomnia sucks so my mind wanders. I was trying to come up with most famous tv characters of the last five years. i could come up with only one on network TV: Gibbs from NCIS. the others I included are Rick Grimes, Don Draper, and Walter White from AMC, and Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow from GoT There are good actors on Network TV but can you name their character?
for instance: what is the name of this character?

this character?

or this one?


I watch less and less TV these days so I don’t have a clue about your photos, but how could your list not include Jack Bauer?

And, even more obvious, Homer Simpson?


Last five years?


Gotta be Walter White. Others don’t even come close.

Spacey I loved in the 90s but he plays everything like he’s on stage now. Hams it up too much like the audience are 200 feet away. House of Cards lost me in the opening scene where he kills a dog. The UK edition took three series to get to that point. Here it’s clearly labeled he’s a bad guy and episode one ends with him eating raw meat in case you didn’t notice.

It’s just too broad for me. But don’t get me started. The Andrew Davies version is one of my fave shows of all time.



Oh, same. We just finished True Detective and thought it was good but no House of Cards … which is great, but no UK House of Cards!

House Of Cards US splits away from the UK version pretty quickly though. We initially tried to watch it just after finishing the UK one and it just collapsed under that scrutiny. Once enough time had passed and we could watch it on its own merits it was much better. As long as you accept Spacey doesn’t have Francis Urquhart’s twinkle in the eye and he’s a different sort of bastard (frankly, less clever), it’s a fascinating watch.

His wife is actually far more three dimensional than Urquhart’s, too.

You’re right about Walter White, but Breaking Bad was one where we couldn’t get to the end, because it was so unremittingly depressing. Everyone seeming to make decisions that would betray those closest to them at every turn, when there were clear alternative options. Like Eastenders with higher production values. I enjoyed the Shakespearian levels of betrayal, but it was sad watching, that didn’t grip us like The Wire or Battlestar. But I know I’m in the minority on that one…


That one is easy. It’s Sam Malone.

I think the question is fairly straightforward to me too: Walter White, Tyrion Lannister, Don Draper, Dr. Who, and Ron Swanson.


Pictures of Tom Selleck always freak me out because he looks so much like my dad. My dad even dyed his mustache at one point after Selleck started dying his.


The last five years?

Gregory House
Barney Stinson
Sheldon Cooper
Walter White
Don Draper

Honourable mentions: Danerys Targeryn, Charlie Harper, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tyrion Lannister, Rick Grimes, Temperance Brennan, Eric Cartman, Peter Griffin, John Locke, Francis Underwood, Rust Cohle, Patrick Jane. Liz Lemmon, Alicia Florrick, Meredith Grey.


ok, so after some sleep, I realize that, at the time, I passed over sitcoms and animated shows. I said male in title because I don’t watch female centric shows(like Greys Anatomy and the others) so I tried to avoid that whole issue. House and Jack Bauer have been gone for 3 and 5 years so I did not consider them. I think Kevin Spacey and McConahay(phonetic spelling) fall into the same category as Selleck, Danson, and Allen. You think of them as themselves and not the character they play. besides can you say someone is iconic even though they only appeared 8 times?

lastly, Mea Culpa to Todd and Lorcan for forgetting the most iconic character of the last few years


24 had a new series a few months back didn’t it?



It feels a bit weird to choose such an old character as one of the most iconic of the last five years though. Like David did, I could equally choose Homer Simpson - his show is still running and he’s probably more famous than anyone mentioned in the thread so far - but it feels like his peak period of relevance has long passed. You could say the same about Bauer.


My mother told me she met Andrew Davies in Bangor in the early 60s and he tried to get her back to his flat for ‘coffee’. She declined, I told her she made a dreadful mistake as he must be loaded now. Her argument was I wouldn’t have been born but I prefer to think I’d be posting here as Gardavies and looking forward to decades of royalty payments as his heir.


I’m sure that the pickings would be just as slim if we did a variant of this thread for film or comics. I’m not sure that 5 years is long enough to become iconic in any medium.


Most iconic without a doubt is Walter White. The hat he wore on the show is now referred to as a heisenberg.

If I had to choose a perosnal favorite though I’d probably go with Raylan Givens from Justified.


yup. season 9.


How about Sheldon Cooper? I’m not a regular Big Bang Theory viewer but it is probably the biggest sitcom in the world these days and he’s been Bazinga-ing his face all over the place, merchandise-wise.


The whole cast of Big Bang is ripe for toyification. Sort of a neurotic, nerdy Barbie set. However, it would probably be best when sold as a set.