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Who are the best new writers at Marvel and DC


I keep looking for new Big Two books and I don’t know any of these names.

So who are the best new writers?

For the sake of narrowing it down, let’s say by “new” I mean people who had either no books or very small indie books in the mid-00s.


I guess that Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire and Rick Remender all qualify by your rules.
But they’re all pretty big now and I find myself auto-avoiding books by writers I haven’t heard of before just because I know nothing, so if this thread ends up being a recommendation of good new writers then I can dig that.


Does Charles Soule count? I like what I’ve read of his, and I’ll definitely be trying his Daredevil.


The “rule” is just kind of a general yardstick so someone like Nick Spencer might count but someone like Jason Aaron might not.

It is just a recommendation thread as much as anything, like Kandor I tend to skip books with names I don’t know, even on Marvel Unlimited!


Al Ewing is great. Dennis Hopeless writes X-Men very well. Ryan North’s only written Squirrel Girl for Marvel, but his Adventure Time comic was excellent too, so I’ll try pretty much anything they give him.

Genevieve Valentine has only written one comic (Catwoman) so far, but it’s a good one. Do Becky Cloonan and Cameron Stewart count? They’re new as writers.


Charles Soule is mostly good, his She Hulk was ace and I think his Daredevil book will be great (he also runs his own law firm, so, good fit).

Al Ewing is marvellous he’s been threatening to be a serious name for a while now

Rob Williams is now at DC doing some nice stuff on Martian Manhunter, hopefully with more to come.

Ben Percy is extremely promising, he’s writing Green Arrow almost as a horror title

Becky Clooney is doing a lovely job on Gotham Academy

James Tynion IV is slowly developing into one of my favourite writers, he wrote some great issues of Eternal (his Memetic & Ufology series at Boom have been really good)

Tom King seems to get some good praise for his co-writing job on Grayson with Tim Seeley, he’s now been let loose on Omega Men and that is quite promising


I like Charles Soule too. Nick Spencer is great. I like what Simon Spurrier is doing with the Secret Wars book. But the best new writer for me if James Roberts, the Transformers guy.


Kieron Gillen is the best thing about comics at this current point.


Gillen, along with Rick Remender mentioned earlier, though will be leaving Marvel to do all creator-owned in the next couple of months.


Damn shame that Gillen is leaving Marvel, as he’s been putting out fantastic company work alongside fantastic indie work for the past few years. I’ve not seen any cracks in his writing despite the impressive volume of stuff he writes. I’m hoping that Marguerite Bennet has been the main writing force behind the Angela series, because I’m having a great time with that, and wont be pleased if it sours when Gillen leaves. Gillen’s current Secret Wars Seige book is pretty amazing, it’s his victory lap, encompassing all the stuff he’s done at Marvel (but with no reference to his spectacular Beta Ray Bill series as of yet). Mercury Heat has started strong, Uber has stayed strong, and WicDiv keeps getting impossibly stronger, so I’m really excited to see what else he’s doing in the future. Not least Phonogram 3, this Wednesday!

I think time away from Marvel will be good for Remender, he had a pretty unbelievable streak for a while, but he’s petered off a big lately. Some time doing his own thing will make for some more refreshing stuff, and hopefully some more legendary runs at Marvel in a few years time.

Jason Latour is a name that has cropped up in recent years and gained real momentum. I haven’t read any of the books he’s written yet, but Spider-Gwen has been well received by lots of people. His art in Southern Bastards has been on point every single issue, if his writing is as good as that, then he’s definitely one to look out for.


I didn’t really like Gillen’s X-men, but I can’t hold him to that since every big writer in the 00s seemed to fluff up the X-gig.


His Uncanny never really got off the ground, but Generation Hope was good comics.


Al Ewing is a standout for me. He did a really good job on Mighty Avengers.

I am enjoying Steve Orlando’s work on Midnighter.


You aren’t wrong, Brubaker and Fraction also fell at that hurdle.

I do have one piece of fondness for his run though which is he’s the only writer that had Pixie using convincing Welsh dialect, tidy work there.


It’s weird that so many big writers only brought their B-games to the table.
Is Pixie even in the comics these days? What happened to her?

As I joked in another thread, after his Eisner win this year surely Gene Luen Yang is the best writer at DC?


She was in the final arc of Amazing X-Men, the Chris Yost series. No word on if she’ll be turning up anywhere post-Secret Wars.


I can’t quite remember, but I’m pretty sure it was Fraction, who said they were really too reverential to the book and its history. He felt that Bendis did better by just marching in and doing it in his style.


Ewing has been at 2000 AD for a while now, but as with most who start there his storytelling is just so rock solid at all times, and he’s probably the most versatile writer currently going right now – he slots easily into hard science fiction, superhero, horror, satire, etc.

Tom King is probably my favorite new reader of the last few years; he’s heavily formally oriented, that is to say he comes from the Alan Moore school of tight control over storytelling, and you see a lot of very deliberate storytelling flourishes and experimentation, sometimes obvious, sometimes not, but almost always extremely effective. He’s extremely exciting, and his Omega Men is already the best thing running at DC I think.

Valentine is a great choice; her characters are so full bodied and dimensional, and her atmosphere is lush. Her Catwoman is already the most challenging, and best, run the character has ever had (for me).

Gillen certainly belongs on the list, but I do think he’s sometimes veers into more clever than good, more skillful than affecting.

Mark Russell, current writer of Prez, is fantastic and one of the most clever and creative things going in comics, and I’ve enjoyed Orlando’s Midnighter and Undertow for the unabashed sci-fi action comics that they are.


Yeah Steve Orlando could be another one to watch. I was a bit ambivalent on the first issue of Midnighter but I thought # 2 & 3 were really good - lots of depth and really interesting character work.


Well here’s a blast from the past.

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