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Who and Where is your Local comic shop?!


Just off messenger with Comic Book Guys, they said they’re ordering a few in including one for yours truly :grinning:


cool, Aaron emailed me back they other day and said he’ll get back to me soon…cheers for following up!


Happy days. They’re moving premises this week which might account for the wait in ordering. Good guys, I’ll throw an extra few pounds their way for some stuff when im up, they do really great ‘Characters in Belfast’ prints. I got a cool Gary Erskine one with Dredd in front of the big yellow Harland and Wolfe cranes before.


when i spoke to them that seemed REALLY nice! so always happy to deal with nice people! :wink:


Wild comics in the streets of St Ives…


They’ll let that Matt Garvey in anywhere!
What has this world come too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



St Albans…




Ohhh they have the new issue of Extremity, I need that.


just posted The Ether to the comic book guys, they’ll have it next week, fella!
Thanks again :wink:


Fantastic, thank you!!


no…thank you! :wink:


Anytime :laughing:

Edit: That emoji was supposed to be a big grin not a weird laugh thing haha




Aaron messaged earlier there, he has one kept aside for me :grinning:


nice! :smiley:Thanks again, buddy!


A lost of comic shops that stock me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok, so, unless your local comic shop has copies in stock or has an order placed…this variant has SOLD OUT!
Big thanks to @comicbookguysni For placing a second order! :blush:


Picked mine up this afternoon. Extoled the virtues of the Garveyverse (well, mainly just how cool and dead-on the creator was). :grinning:


I might be too late but my LCS is:

4603 Albert ST
Regina, SK S4S 6B6