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Who and Where is your Local comic shop?!


Ok, so here is the thing…
Some of you know me, my name is Matt Garvey and I am a small press comic writer from out in Essex for all my sins…

A buddy of mine is doing an article about Free comic book day and he wanted my “advice” i’d give to people who have never been into a comic shop before and are thinking about going this weekend…
And my advice was simply this:

“By all means go in and take free comics, that’s what they are there for…but while you are in there, talk to the staff (they are friendly), ask for another comic recommendation, take a chance on something you will have to pay for and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised…local comic shops are the life blood of the industry…if we don’t support them, there will be no more “free comic book day” and it will end up being a “no comic book day” when they have to close their doors!”

I genuinely believe that comic shops ARE the life blood of the industry and for the last year, they have been incredibly supportive of me with my small press comics…which I am ever so grateful for!

My new comic The Ether #1 is currently at the printers and so far via my website I have pre-sold over 40% of my initial print order…which is great and I am over the moon with that.
Also, several of the LCS that stock my comics have placed their orders too, which again is AMAZING!
But, I had a revelation today…
Me selling my comics via my website is great…for me…but doesn’t really help Local comic shops, when people can get them from my website at the same price…so I wanted to do something just for them…
I have just spoken to @Dizevez and Diz has kindly agreed to do a COMIC SHOP ONLY variant…that you will only be able to get by walking into a physical bricks and mortar store (that stocks our comic)… I will not be selling these variants online… or anything
(I may give a few away as prizes at cons or on twitter/here at some point, but that’s it)
We have all seen Diz’s covers and they are all beautiful!

(Diz’s interior art is pretty frickin’ amazing too)
I don’t have an image of the new cover yet, but we have been bouncing around the ideas….so as soon as I have one I’ll post it up here so you can all see!

The shops that already stock my comics have already swapped their orders from the regular cover to the variants, so it makes it financially viable for me to do it…and still supply them at the discounted prices I sell them.

So, the reason for this thread…if you think your local comic shop would like this idea or you want to get your hands on this comic shop exclusive, just post the shop name with their location (so I can google them) or their website and I will contact them directly and ask them if they are interested, even if it’s just one copy for you! :smiley:

This offer is open to any comic shop Worldwide, but please bear in mind that I am based in the UK, so the shipping costs overseas are higher.

Anyway, thanks reading the thread and hopefully you like this idea!


Matt and Diz

P.S if any shops want to contact me directly:


Around here, Meltdown comics (technically in Hollywood) is the most supportive of indy comics and small press, but it is a daunting shop to walk into.

Other notable shops in the Valley are:


I know Nathan here in St Ives was interested but never seemed to get round to contacting you himself.

Anyways details are

First Order Comics
1Bull Lane
St Ives
PE27 5AX

Tell him I want a a copy!


i did actually call them sent them a free PDF said he would order some, but never heard back…just a busy chap, i guess.
It happens…but i’ll give him another call and say that you want one…
Also, thanks for the other order too, Sir!


that’s lovely, thank you…looks like i’ll be calling the States then! :smiley:


Have you reached out to Image Matt? How’s that gone?


No worries, I’ve been waiting for my next fix of the Garvey-verse!


I have been to Meltdown and Earth2 actually!


Meltdown is HUGE!!! All the cool comic people go there!
Have you ever been to Golden Apple @BeingHenning?


When I lived in Kentucky, I used to order back issues from Golden Apple in the early 80’s, and then I went to it when I moved here in the 90’s. Actually met Robin Williams there when he picked up his comics one day.

It was on Melrose near Fairfax back then, but I think it moved. There was also one in Northridge, but it became the Earth 2 over here. I haven’t been to the new location in Hollywood/West Hollywood, though.

Blastoff comics is actually pretty close to the CBR site offices in NoHo, unless they’ve moved recently.


submitted last month…so far radio silence, Sir :frowning:



Forbidden Planet Belfast
52-54 Ann Street, Belfast. BT1 4EG
Phone:028 9043 8744

I will buy a copy from both.


Which book? Can you email me what you sent?


I’ve pitched all my comics to IMAGE, fella…
Sadly, Never heard back…
I always send at least 10 pages of the comic, full comic it I have it.
One page story Synopsis.
Elevator pitch/ longline (if it’s requested in the submission outline)
Contact details etc.
Standard stuff submission stuff

Only interest Ive have had was from heavy metal on TRANSFER…
They said they liked it, were interested, asked how many issues I had ready…
Responded that we only have ne…but sadly didn’t hear back again.
Polietky followed upon a couple of months later…still no response.


Ok, seeing as I only have three copies of the regular covers left! :blush:
So, If you want to get your hands on one of these EXCLUSIVE variants ONLY available at brick and mortar local comic shops, mention them below and I’ll reach out!


Did either of the Belfast shops get back? :confused:


Gonna call them both next week…didn’t wanna hassotgem this week, because of free comic book day…knew that’d be REALLY busy.
I’ll let you know :wink:


You’re might be overestimating the amount of comic book readers in Belfast haha.

That’s not to say that’s a small number in context, it’s a small city so I’m amazed two LCS actually exist and thrive, but they definitely have time on their hands.

Incidentally, when you ring, I think Malachy Coney is still in charge at Forbidden Planet, he used to write for Top Cow, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to him but he was always a big supporter of small press, and there’s two guys who run Comic book Guys and both seem like pretty helpful guys.


Awwwww, cheers, fella :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just spoke to Nathan and dropped him a little reminder, this was his response.