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white coming


Your redneck brethren? :joy:


Am I one of your little Millarworld buddies?


Yes…yes you are…


Yay! In that case I shall fetch my blankie AND my torch.


I feel very honoured to be one of your wee MW buddies, Matt. Truly.

I’m also glad I had my extra-cosy blankie to hand. It’s all a bit chilly.

Superb stuff. @DIZEVEZ even made the news seem cool. Judging by some of the names involved, I’m not sure all the characters are entirely trustworthy; especially THAT one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much.

…I’m ready for part two NOW, Matt. :slight_smile:


Great start @mattgarvey1981 and @DIZEVEZ. There’s a strong sense of atmosphere and place in this issue, and a great balance of enigmatic intrigue and actual details for us to get our teeth into.

I enjoyed the background Garveyverse nod too.


Diagnosis: Promising


How do you say Matt and Dizevez are my favourite pickles in MaoriMarkese?


Tumeke bro


Tumeke bro especially to @mattgarvey1981 and @DIZEVEZ

Tumeke bro @markabnett too, and all the other little MW Garveyverse buddies wherever you are including Simon and Whatshisface (my other favourite ickle pickles). WHAT? I don’t want anyone to feel excluded.




So glad you noticed!!!


Thank you for all the kind words :slight_smile:
@DIZEVEZ is amazing, I think we can all agree on that!
Best friend and collaborator ever!


TYVM! That is very nice to hear :grin:


Goddmit it took me way to long to figure out what TYVM meant.
Damn Im old.


Well I wasn’t going to admit to it but now someone else has…

I took me far too long to figure out what TYVM was too.


You are welcome…
Plus I knew what tyvm meant…I’m down with the kids.