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white coming


Here is the cover for the new comic by @DIZEVEZ & me…ladies and gentlemen, I give you…
white NOIR
Round of apples for a Diz, please :clap:


The cover looks really cool. :+1:




All down to the amazing @DIZEVEZ :slight_smile:


Dammit…well that’s this comic ruined…better pull the plug


Now you’re doing Noir…Dude, do you just reach into my mind and make comics that I want to read??


I just like writing loads of different comics!

I had an idea for the opening scene for this…but no story…then about a year later (light bulb)
LOADS of twists…Diz is the perfect artist for this too!
Film Noir In a blizzard! :smiley:


I love film noir, so I’m definitely on board.

I’m looking forward to what you and Diz do with this.


@DIZEVEZ we’ve sold at least one!
We are one our way! :wink:

Cheers Simon, you are a good lad!
Need to see you make a comic SOON!!!


Happy you’re doing a new comic, but shouldn’t Dizevez be drawing The Ether #2? :worried:


Great “elevator pitch”!


Don’t worry…it’s still on our list…
I wrote this with Diz in mind and I thought it might be a nice break from drawing about child murder…for a while.


Dizevez has 2 hands so is likely drawing both at the same time.

Sounds and looks kinda chilling, Matt. You’re a Brick for writing something film noir-y for me, I mean Simon.


over simplification, but yeah! :wink:
Some, good twists in this too…well, at least i think…but you lot will be the judges of this! :wink:


its different…i wrote in like two days…didnt know where it was going but kinda found its own way…
Sounds really cliche, i know…but it is true.


It must be a great feeling when a story finds its own way like that. If you can manage to surprise yourself it will be more fun and twisty for readers too.


That exactly what happened!
I had this scene…and it was really annoying me because i liked it, but no story. so i just started writing…it works…

So, procrastination is no excuse, people! just write! :wink:


Yessir Mr. Garvey Sir.


That’s a fantastic bit of painting, right there. Dizevez, if you’re ever down London-way for a Millarworld pub night, let me pick your brains on digital brushes some time! Your paintings are great. :slight_smile:


I’d like to actually meet Diz first!
I owe her a few hundred hugs!