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white NOIR #1 is on sale now....


No, I’d quite like a signed one please. It’ll match all the other ones.


I signed it before posted anyway…regardless if you wanted it if not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excellent news.

How many did you get printed?

How many do you typically get printed?


Cheers, buddy.
Posted yours too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Typical 1st print run is around 300 issuses depending on store orders.
But, I’ve been ending up ordering on average an extra 200 over the year for when I’m doing cons…
So, overall, every new book, I’m selling around 500…

If I could crack the states there’d be no stopping me…but the postage is sooooooo high…
Found a couple of in demand printers out there but they were a bit wishy washy…



This just arrived:

Looks wonderful in hardcopy.


I arrived home to a copy as well, shame the address was wrong!
Looking good, can’t wait to read it.


Awwwww cheers, buddy!


Was so tempted to put Fenton’s garage, but was worried it would confuse your local postie or get the inland revenue investigate you for a business at a residential home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Local postie is a friend, undoubtedly he’d have text me questioning it…

To be fair you’ve saved me an awkward conversation.


just glad it got there…so quikc too.
Only posted yesterday!


Matt, out of interest how much of the dialogue changed from the .pdf issue to this one? I know you said you were changing some stuff and I am certain the stuff from the bar intro is different but was that the extent of it?
Also, and I meant to mention this when I first read the issue, the hero’s face looks incredibly familiar especially in the penultimate panel. :wink:


If I’m honest, didn’t change much…just rewords a couple of bits in the bar scene.
Took out some dialogue in the wake up scene…apart from that it was more of a retweaking the lettering, breaking the bubbles up more, rather than one BIG Bubble.
Still not 100% happy with it…if and when I do a reprint I’ll redo it again, makethe font a little bigger.

who do you think it looks like?


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand We are SOLD OUT!

New printing coming next year…maybe…of course…


Went to my LCS today and noticed something familiar on the shelf.

Thought you might appreciate seeing a copy ‘in the wild’. :slight_smile:


Oh I do…:blush:


What shop was it?


Nostalgia & Comics.


Thought so :blush: