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Which Two Characters Are You Looking Forward To Interacting In Infinity Wars The Most?


…And why?

For me I think it has to be Thor and Drax.

I’m pretty sure any interaction between them will be comedy gold and will obviously love going into battle with one another.

Others I’m looking forward to are Drax and The Hulk, Spidey and Ant Man, Ant Man and Star Lord.


Groot with anyone.

Black Panther and Spidey could also be fun.


Rocket Raccoon and Tony Stark.


I want this
You want this



Yes! Love that one.


I think Groot and Hulk could be fun.


I’ll have a tenner on Stark saying, “Sparkling conversation you two have got going on there,” after they interact.


Then watch as they both flash him a dirty look.


I don’t know how I’m going to control my excitement… Those Avengers action set pieces where it goes from character to character with absolutely everyone… Goosebumps thinking about that.


I skimmed through the red carpet for GOTG vol 2 earlier and realised the huge amount of talent that marvel has enlisted just in that corner of the MCU.
The premiere audience of Infinity is going to be consist of 90% cast members!
Can you imagine that lineup on the stage before the movie starts?!?
What an amazing time to be a fan


It’s absolutely insane. I thought Avengers was the peak but Marvel has done so much since that… Guardians was an absolute masterstroke because these characters do not know of any of the others and as you say, the sheer amount of well known stars playing them. There’s never been anything like this before. It’s definitely an amazing time.


This is the only answer for me. Stark and Rocket would go at it brilliantly. I’d like Thor and Star Lord as Pratt and Hemsworth feel like they’d be a good team (fighting for Gamora’s affections). For those who didn’t see it, those two were lined up to be the Chrononauts (until Pratt opted for Passengers instead like a douche).


Yeah, that would have been pretty amazing, I can see them ending up becoming good friends in real life.


Cap and Tony.
That’s gonna be AWKWARD!


as pretty as Chris Hemsworth can be, I’m not sure I wouldn’t pick Jennifer Lawrence too if forced to pick between them.


Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt.


Scarlet and Bree.


Pepper Potts and Nova Prime.


Stan Lee and Stan Lee.

Surely two of his characters have got to bump into each other at some point.


Stan Lee and Jack Kirby…because if they can bring Peter Cushing back from the dead… :wink: