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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


Sure, you’ve got the hair and the glasses.

What are some of your favorite Superman stories? I was always a bit of a Superman lightweight in the past, but Morrison’s All-Star run really opened up the character to me.


I loved the all star superman ones birthright was pretty good I liked the curt swan era too


My eyes unfortunately they are blue grey but sometimes they look more grey or more blue it depends though


Another “Superman” actor for consideration. Michael O’hearn played him in the fan trailer for “World’s Finest.” He really matched the musclebound version that Ed McGuinnes did for DC around the same time.


That was with the ‘Dead End’ Batman, wasn’t it? I liked that one.


Yep. Same guy: Sandy Collora


It’s too bad my face has a slight boyishness to it Chris or that Michael o Hearn guy don’t have that.



The blur on that makes you look more like the Flash. :slight_smile:



Yeah Chris reeve and Michael o Hearn looked more mature


Well I guess I can play a younger superman in my fan film


If all else fails, I think with the right costume and make-up, you have the makings of a fine Bizarro. Really play up that “almost Superman” vibe you’ve got going.


I for one can’t wait to see the finished fan film. Make sure you share it here when you’re done.


But then again Brandon routh had a slight boyish look too to the role


He looked younger then reeve did


I remember a few people complained saying hey how come he looks younger then reeve did when returns was set after superman 2


At least from critics reviews I read



I like the Bizarro idea maybe I could use that for a future fan film.