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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


Metropolis is a little less than an hour drive from my hometown. Even so, I’ve only been to the statue and museum a couple times and I’ve only been to the Superman Celebration once. I have a picture of myself at the statue somewhere but this is the closest I can find.

There are some interesting pieces in the “Superman Museum” but it’s a bit like paying money to see a Superman hoarder’s shitty, unorganized basement.

At least it’s better than the “Superman Exhibit” at the Cleveland Airport. Yep, that’s all of it.

(Sorry for the blurry picture. I was in a rush.)


I do wish they had built the planned amusement park.




Wow yeah my chin and cheeks definitely have improved


How’s your costume coming along?


It’s getting there


Naahhh. When I look at the pic of Reeves, my heart does a little flutter.
When I look at your pic, it doesn’t.


So you aresaying my chin sucks.


So you are saying my chin sucks


The chin is fine. Don’t overdo it with the exercises or you’ll look like Jay Leno.


I think she’s just saying you don’t look like Christopher Reeve, has nothing to do with your chin.

And to be fair, I don’t think you look like him either, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a great Superman.


Well she put a like to my chin sucks sorry to say that hurt a little


To be fair Christopher Reeve is a pretty high bar to hold yourself against. If prime Reeve walked into my office right now and suggested he’d take me away from my wife for a romantic weekend in Paris I can’t say I wouldn’t consider it. Dude was beautiful.


Yeah, nobody’s that straight


Don’t let it bother you that some random person you’ve never met, never had any interaction with and will never meet said something to slight your chin. Who cares?
If you like doing what you’re doing then you’re good.


I have a decent look for Clark Kent in my opinion.



Just out of curiosity, are you only a fan of the Superman films? Do you have any favorite Superman comics runs?


Hey Kiel yes I am a fan if both do you think I kinda look like Clark Kent with the glasses