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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


Like I looked. Good as clark Kent I think


Clark Kent is a journalist for the daily planet and Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton.

Totally different people. I mean, for starters, Kent wears glasses.

I mean, that’s like saying Wonder Woman and Angela Merkel look alike!


I’ve been working on jaw excercises will post photos of my current progress soon.


Hold on. Are you being serious about the jaw exercises? Like… serious serious?


I’ve been exercising my jaw by eating an entire bag of Maltesers every day. I will post my results soon.


Yes I am serious before I was 5 in the chin line now I’m getting better like a 6.5.


Thanks to my chin excercises.


I do see a slight resemblance to the superboy guy more routh but I see a slight similiarity


Obviously, when practising jaw exercises, it’s not just about the jawline. A well-developed buccinator and platysma, coupled with some thought about technique, does wonders for highly satisfying final results.


Any thoughts on how to develop chin-dimple?



Exercise your jaw, placing particular emphasis on your platybuckysmarapuss, by drinking lots of Dimple. (Oooh - Bucky :heart_eyes: )Then look in the mirror, and post a pic of your results when you’re done.

No pictures of the talented Mr. Bradley though. Definitely no photos of Bradley.


Bradleys a stand up guy but he gets shy around photos.


He does sound like a swell guy. Heh. Maybe there’s a role for him to play in Riverdale.


I actually did write to the producers on Bradleys behalf.

But they filed a restraining order.


The results are in!

Now, which Superman actor do I look the most like?


Youre a dead ringer for Christopher Reeve, Dave! Its uncanny!


I think Dave looks more like Brandon Routh. There’s a slight resemblance to John Cena too.




I’m starting to see results.