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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


I do not. I used to own a Batman suit but that got misplaced in one of my moves.


Are those tumors?


Hahaha. I love that costume. :wink:


Is this where the phrase “shit a brick” originated?


My Silver Surfer suit becomes singularly misplaced when doing the splits.


So do the ladies.



Maybe John Newton from Superboy TV series:


Yeah I could see that



Oh I look like chris dennis




You look like yourself, dude. Be proud of what you are, you don’t need to have a “lantern jaw” or look like a dead actor.


I agree with this - but then again I look like Ryan Reynolds only more handsome and better looking.


Stop being so darned humble. You forgot that you are also very smart and you have set the world record in chess boxing and egg in spoon running.


To be fair that’s “Chess Boxing” and “Egg in Spoon running” as two separate events. I’m only a runner-up record holder in the joint event (the winning record-holder is actually my penis, Bradley, though).


But I look the part of superman


Well, you definitely don’t look the part of Wonder Woman.


Which superhero do I look like?

This is me:


Good strong jaw.