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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


Darn so I need to work on my chin a bit


Yeah - I get that a lot.

Mostly followed by “Damn!” and lots of forensic glancing.

Just for the record, Ronnie, I’m not a piece of meat and I do have thoughts and feelings.


I’ve heard tennis balls make your jaw more square if you chew them


Yeah - just do some chin exercises. You’ve got a fairly weak chin so you need to strengthen it up and make it more square - like in the photos you posted.


You are what I tell you you are.


Darn I was born with a weak chin


It’s okay Clark - most Gyms have pretty regular chin classes that you can go to for massive chin gainz and make it more swoll.


I need to make mine a strong lantern jaw


I want a chin like Chris Reece he had the best chin for the role




I’ll post photos of my progress when my chin starts to look better


I know a guy who has a even weaker chin then me so it could be worse


I have a bunch of squares on my stomach that the girls can’t stop talking about.


This is an actual black and white photo of my chest:


You’re Ben Grimm?


Would it be so bad if I was? :worried:


He’s the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Tim.


I think there are some inherent impracticalities in the physiology of the Thing which I suspect might make you sad.