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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


Oh you mean me lol


Later I’ll post pics of me with the superman curl practicing for when I style it for when we film our superman fan film superman in Santa cruz


This thread is a clear front runner for thread of the year.


Really thread of the year that’s awesome



I wonder what my face shape is? Someone told it is a triangle face shape



Oh, no, definitely more ovular.


So me and Brandon routh have more of a oval type face shape and Chris Reece has more of a square face




Do you have a pic of you in the suit?


Not yet no


Do you at least have the body for it? I hope you’re lifting weights so you don’t look too skinny in it.


Right cause just having the face for it do sent make the whole package I have been lifting I am 6’2 225


… do you own a Superman suit?

How many people on the board own a Superman suit?

(The boss clearly holds the trump card but, apart from him)


I own one it was originally $70.00 I got mine for $40.00


Doesn’t everyone? :wink:


I have two young kids, so the number of superhero costumes I have in the house is into double-figures now. :slight_smile:

I think the closest I get for myself though is having a version of the classic T-shirt knocking about somewhere. And depending on which interpretation of the character you go with, that can count…


I don’t think Brandon Routh has an oval face shape - but you definitely do. You have a pointed chin while as the Superman actors don’t.

If you look at my picture, you’ll see how Ryan Reynolds and I look pretty much exactly the same in terms of facial structure and abs. That’s what you should be striving for.