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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


I would not have thought of it if you hadn’t mentioned it.


Ok but you think me and Chris do look a little bit alike


Now is it just me, or…


So there is a slight resemblance.


No. Not really. Entirely different facial structure.

The Superman Actor you most look like is Brandon Routh - and even then, you’re not an exact look-alike.

I’d say it’s fair to say you look enough like the character to do some Cosplay, but I’m not sure you’re really that much of a startling resemblance to any actor that’s played the part.


No. Not at all, really.


In other news - which Green Lantern actor do I most look like?


Jack Black?


At least you didn’t say Kilowog.


More of a Sinestro I think.


You guys obviously didn’t get the hint that you’re meant to say “Ryan Reynolds! You look exactly like him but more handsome and better looking!”


I’d say slight, yeah. I mean, you look more like Reeves than I do, at least. Or more than Bruce does, clearly.

But yeah, like others have said, the Superman actor you most look like is clearly Brandon Routh. And that’s not a bad thing - Routh may not have been the best Superman, but he wasn’t bad, either. Charming and good-looking dude, too.


You’re more of a Starlord, I would say.


You’re fired!




I just don’t see it.


Gnort maybe?


Given that he’s blind, I’m thinking more Rot Lop Fan.



No one here is my friend anymore.

Except Clark Kent.