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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


Probably because they don’t get to pick them. :wink:


Geez Ronnie, you think :wink:


There goes my illusions all shattered. :disappointed: I always assumed those boots gave them extra-bendy super-flexible powers. I thought all I had to do was get a pair and then I could finally master the backflip.


It works best if all you are wearing is the boots. Try it and be sure to post the video.



Well, the ahh the video camera on my phone doesn’t seem to be working so … maybe another time, mate.


That’s not actually “classic” Ms. Marvel. That would be this:

This one presumably has the @TMasters seal of approval, too:


Amazingly the classic Ms Marvel is wearing even less. Thigh high boots seem to be making more sense than bikini bottoms. :smile:


What we really need is some kind of female superhero with thigh-highs, shoulder-length gloves, and some kind of bikini bottom and top combination.

That’s a practical solution.


I’m pretty sure nobody would ever design a character like that.


That costume was always ridiculous but I can’t help but feel it was always meant to be that way. The X always seemed a little more obvious when Quitely was drawing it. It was also kind of contrasted with Jean’s turtleneck and pants get up.


Huh. I never saw it as an X before. That’s pretty clever.

Stupid. But clever.


Like I said, it was a very Frank Quitely design that didn’t always work well in other artists’ hands.

The rest of the team essentially wore biker gear. So her suit was in pretty stark contrast. That’s why I think it was purposefully a little out there.


More than a little, but yeah, Morrison cranked her dominatrix appeal up to eleven. It was fun, especially since he also made her work as a character.


By classic are you referring to 30s, 50s, 70s, or 80s Superman?


Hello I’m the doctor now.


Which Doctor do you look most like?


I think Matt smith the eleventh doctor.


Matt Smith looks nothing like Christopher Reeve.


No I know that but you guys were right I looked nothing like Christopher reeve