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Which superman actor do I look the most like?


You should play both roles: Superman and Bizarro. It’d be pretty cool.


Yeah I like that idea


My girlfriend is taking. Photos of me in my superman costume. This weekend. Will post them soon.


This is what I’m interested in. Putting a decent costume together will sell the look much more than a screen accurate chin.


True and whichever picture turns out the best will be the poster for our fan film superman in Santa Cruz


Hey guys I ads m also working on another project a doctor who fan film where I would play a in between doctor


Between David tennant and Matt smith


Standing between them?


Yes kind of like a incomplete regeneration in this universe the regeneration was not complete I’m like a halfway doctor.


A friend gave me the idea


Mavid smiant he gave me that nickname lol



I think you’ve reached the Flex Mentallo eyebrows stage.


The case of the changing eyebrows


Just remember, Flex was legally required to register his eyebrows as deadly weapons.



I wonder who on the board most closely resembles a classic Superman?


Forget that, I want to know who most resembles a classic Ms. Marvel?



You’d be surprised at how good I look when I bleach my hair and put on a domino mask


I’ve never understood why female superheroes opt for thigh-highs.