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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


That’s pretty funny maybe that could be in the special features of the movie the doctor gets confused for Superman I could say sorry I don’t have xrray vision I don’t fly but I do have a tardis and a sonic screwdriver. Typical humans always getting confused.


And I’m a time Lord not a kryptonian


Can Kryptonians not be Time Lords? I’ve never watched the show so I have no idea if he’s an alien with powers to regenerate or if he can regenerate because he’s a Time Lord.


The Time Lords are the name of a race from Gallifrey - or at least the ruling class - of whom the Doctor is a member. Regeneration is one of his abilities as a member of that race.

I do like the idea of a Superman/Doctor Who story though. Last year’s Christmas special did something like that and it was a lot of fun.


Reminds me of this.


He can regenerate because he is a time Lord I actually know a guy who looks like Christopher Reeve his name is Chris Dennis.


Maybe he could play a small part where I happen to encounter him when I land on Earth.



A morph of me and Matt.



I’m the alternate eleventh doctor from another timeline.


I play a alternate eleventh doctor


In my fan film



So guys which morph do you like better?


Your lips on Pierce Brosnan’s nose is impressive in its own way.


I think the Matt smith one turned out pretty good too.


It may be a good idea to resize the photos so both halves are closer to the same size.


Yeah I’ll try doing that.


I’m not that familiar with the lore but I don’t think Brosnan was ever Doctor Who.

Are we ready for a Bond spinoff?