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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?




Plus I’d be a unknown actor I’ve only done plays not a well known tv or movie actor


Ooh, what plays have you done?


Pirates of Penzance the falling moon the pillars of Rome.


Me and my uncle Rick are going to do the morphing from David Tennant to me in my fan film.


For the regeneration scene for my doctor who fan film.


But in this scene instead of like in end of time in this one he will be laying down for the regeneration into me.


As a nod to the classic episodes where the Doctor was always laying down when he regenerated.


Well the new doctor has been cast Kris Marshall is replacing Peter Capaldi.



Only if you believe The Sun.


Good for him. Be interesting to see what kind of Doctor he’ll be.


I think it’s a late April fools deal.


It could just be a rumor


Are you watching the new series @TheDoctor1989? There is a thread about it on the boards if you wanted to talk about the actual show.


Cool sounds good I’ll check it out I love the show.


I want my doctor in my fan film to be a bit alien not too human.


Personality wise.


That sounds fascinating. I look forward to it.


I think your movie should be about Doctor Who being mistaken for Superman.