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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


I think that the important thing with the Doctor is the in the attitude. So I think that you can probably pull of 10 or 11 if you have the right swagger…and possibly a fez if you’re going to be 11. I don’t think how you look is going to be a deal breaker.

Or be like James Bond. Roger Moore didn’t look like Sean Connery. Daniel Craig doesn’t look like either of them. Go your own way.


me with a tweed jacket


Go for it. Own it. Be Fantastic.


A bit smith Esq I think with the hair and jacket


A bit smith Esq with the hair and jacket.


Are you there simon?



Hey there. I’m back (for a bit). It’s getting a bit later here in Ireland.

How are you doing?


maybe you should approach it differently.

Who’s your favourite Doctor?


The hairstyle looks like Matt Smith’s but I agree the face shape isn’t quite the same.


Do you see a slight Matt smith with the hair and jacket.


Don’t worry about face shape. Mike is right: go with who is your favorite. There’s tons of evidence of folks in cosplay that don’t look a thing like the character (physically) but they own it regardless. You can do the same, whether it’s Doctor Who or Superman.


Hey will having the hairstyle is a start


Listen to Mike and Will. Go with your favourite. And enjoy it.


So even though I don’t look exactly like Matt in the face shape I can still cosplay him.


I think so…If you want to, I think you should go for it and enjoy being The Doctor for a bit.


I would love to screen test for the role.


Yeah why not?


Exactly why not even if I don’t get the role at least I could say I screen tested for it.


Also means you wouldn’t have to worry about looking like any previous version of the Doctor … you’d just be your own version.