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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


Baker seems like the most likely. David Tennant next, I’d say.


So a mix of Tom and tennant maybe


So Matt is just the hair


Since my face shape isn’t quite the same.


So I look like a blend of tennant and Tom.


So how much tenannt andhow much Tom in my face. Like percentage wise.


So much Tom and David TENNANTA in my face percentage wise.


Straight on more like Baker, but complexion and profile more like Tenant.


Ok so how much percent of Tom numbers use and David TENNANT


How about a blend of David TENNANT and Tom I could see that.


So my nose is closer to David I and eye color close Tom.


Baker for the most part would be the most obvious and easiest look for you to pull off I think. You have some features that could suggest David Tennant but I’ve never really seen his Doctor (or him in general) with a neutral expression on his face. Even in promotional images, he’s got intense looks and sharp contours to his expressions.


Ok and since my face shape is not quite the same as Matt’s I wouldn’t fit that look.


Since my face shape isn’t quite like Matt’s I wouldn’t fit that look.


Please forgive me if you have already explained this above, but may I ask why you are asking the question?


Sorry aspergers sometimes I repeat myself which doctor do you think I look like?


Oh, that’s okay. So do I.

What Doctor do you like most?


Well I like Matt Sylvester David and Tom a lot would you say faces facewiseI look closer to David tennant and Tom baker?


No not much Tom my mom says more a mix of David and Matt she thinks.


I could see Sylvester McCoy if you used some theatrical make up.