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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


Who is the fifteenth doctor?


It could work - you both have bushy eyebrows I think too.


The eye and haircolor is similar and eyebrows actually are more alike then Tom.


Plus Sylvester and my noses are not as pointy as toms


Plus his nose is not as pointy as toms Mine and Sylvester.


So how would you rank it now Sylvester first then Tom in terms of looking similar


To me.


In not sure.

I would still go with Baker first, I think.


Ok so Tom then Sylvester then pat Troughton maybe?


Yeah. That’s probably right.



Oh,I forgot how about Paul mcgann



I do see some Paul mcgann particularly the eyes and hair of course and the shape of the nose kinda.


You guys are right about Matt his face is more angular then mine.



Hey are you guys there hello actually mcganns face is more wavy slash curly


Hair I mean to say


Hey TMasters


I reckon you dress up as a few and then we’ll all vote on which nails it, cause you could go over it again and again but it’s all speculation at this point.