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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


Baker’s face shape and yours are far more similar than any of the others.

I know you want to look the most like Matt Smith, but it’s just not accurate.

There are significant differences between what you look like and what all the doctors look like, because, you’re not the exact same person as those actors. But, if you were going to cosplay as one, you should give Baker a shot - he’s beloved, and you could probably pull it off, you have similar eyes and a face shape, and the costume is fun.

EDIT: You could probably pass for the Troughton or Davison doctors, with a bit of make-up and wigs, but I think Baker’s your best bet.


What face shape is Tom’s so I have a more closer face shape to his and the eye color you said?


Yes - I think so.


The only difference is my nose Tom’s nose is more pointy.


Yes, that’s true.


Ok how about David TENNANTA so closer to Tom then tennant?


I don’t really see a resemblance to Tennant.


Yeah eye color is different and face shape and my face would have to been even longer to look like matt


Yes, Matt Smith’s face shape is very different.


Very long face shape ads almost like a cross between a triangle and a foot


Hahaha - yeah. Good description.


Mine and Tom’s are more heart shaped maybe?


Face shapewise I mean


Maybe - or ovular.

The important things to look out for are: the cheekbones and the chin - it’s hard to tell what the top of Baker’s face shape is like because of the hair and the hat, but that’s also not so important when you’re wearing a costume and trying to look like someone.


Okay, I have to go now.


Ok bye for now my friend.



What about Sylvester McCoy oh I wonder I can see the Tom similarlin the eye color


I think you look most like the fifteenth Doctor.


You are right about the Tom resemblance in the eyes and face shape what about Sylvester McCoy?