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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


Everyone else tells me I look 26 to 27


Well, good news, you’re nailing the character for the early Sixth Doctor.

Have you got a technicoloured coat at all?


So you are saying I look like a young Colin baker


I think you could make me believe.


So if I curled my hair I would look like him.


This is the greatest thread of Millarworld’s existence


And I get what you mean Mike you are saying I don’t look younger then my age I think the dark circle on my eye does not help


Not going to lie … I think there’d need to be a bit of acting as well.

And possibly hair dye.


Don’t worry, they’re called pupils, everyone has them.


How do you get rid of dark circles?


Yeah well I have a dark circle on one eye.


I tend to use tipex.


Does Cvs have it?


Colin baker aged pretty well hardly that manywrinkles


Mike are you there


Sorry I repeat myself sometimes I have aspergers syndrome,


Mike hello I get what you mean you meant to say I don’t look like 19 or exude more younger then my age like Peter because Peter only looked twenty not twenty nine his real age.


You look the most like the fourth doctor - if you grab a wig and a scarf you should try it out


Put celery on your eyes. I’ve heard preparation H works as well.
Getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water can go a long way, too.


What part of the face do I look like Tom baker?