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Which incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who do I look the most like?


Fair point, well conveyed.


Please. Why must every thread on the forum become about Man of Steel? :anguished:


If you have to ask, you’re not ready to hear the answer. :wink:


And after all that last night, I put on the final episode of the new Mystery Science Theatre 3000: At The Earth’s Core. When Peter Cushing’s name comes up in the credits, Jonah Ray says “The Doctor nobody wants to cosplay as”


I just IMDbed him to see if this was a joke about playing a nazi doctor or something, as I was (and no longer am) completely unaware of his turn as dr. Who in the movies(?), but equally, the man played about ten different roles with names prefaced by “doctor” in his career! And I never realized before that van helsing is supposed to be a doctor as well o.O the things you learn…


He played so many roles though, statistically 10 of them were bound to be doctors.


Yes he was a great actor too. Star wars know him for his role as grand Moff tarkin


Didn’t one of the Tennant specials have a bloke running around being the Doctor. But not actually the Doctor.

Also you should choose the best Doctor. (After Mike)

Just need to remove that hairline and you’re ready for a medical emergency.


Is Robert picardo a doctor who fan?




I think with a haircut and barber styled my hair like this I could pull off a Paul mcgann look we have similar eye colors too


With the Eighth Doctor, I’d worry less about getting your face ‘right’ and work on getting the look of his costume … it’s very distinctive, and that and a bit of chutzpah will probably do the job.


I have a similar eye color to him too.


His nose is more pointy but the costume and styling the hair could sell it.



I’m going to get a haircut soon going for a similar haircut to the one paul mcgann had in the night of the doctor.


My outfit for my doctor will be a scarf along with the bowtie and tweed so a bit of a eccentric combination


That sounds good - all very Doctor-y without trying to be a specific imitation of one in particular.


Exactly even though I might be going with a haircut similar to the eighth in night of the doctor I’m not trying to be him or Matt even though I will have tweed and bowtie or Tom with a scarf it will be a different scarf to Tom’s I will be my own doctor for my fan film.