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Which Goonies poster is the one you know best?


The stalactite one or the one with the pirate skull??



I didn’t realize how many there actually were until you asked this question! but for me it’s the stalactite. A google image search turns up plenty more, though.


I wonder if it had different posters in diff countries. We’re doing a homage cover with Huck and trying to decide. Did American market get the skull pirate thing?



This is the one I know but it may have more to do with the VHS box than an actual film poster.

Edit: It looks like that was the front of the box and the stalactite was on the back.


I wish I could tell you, but I was only negative 5 months old when the film came out in the states!


The Wikipedia and IMDb entries both use the stalactite poster.




The skull pirate one was the original Japanese poster done by Noriyoshi Ohrai (who did all those amazing Star Wars posters). It was used later for all the Goonies video and dvd box art.

The stalactite is the one I remember best, don’t know about America, but it was the original U.K. cinema poster - painted by Drew Struzan. So, for pure nostalgia: has to be Struzan’s image.


The stalactite one is the most iconic and easily recognizable one. I think if you homage the other one most fans won’t get it.


I have the stalactite one in a frame in my entertainment room.

I would say that one.


Interesting that The Goonies are (somewhat) in the news.


Apparently this was the original movie poster.

I think the Stalactite one is the most memorable one though – as an homage cover, If I saw it, I would probably recognise it, but it might take me a while to recall what it was homaging exactly.