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Which creator have you collected most of?


Just an idle question that occurred to me … a week ago I would have said Stan Lee without question, but since getting the third Golden Age Superman Omnibus, I think Jerry Siegel might be edging him out (as well as Superman I have a ton of his Superboy, Supergirl and Legion stories).

So, as a top-of-your-head answer, which creator (writer or artist) features the most times in your comic collection?


I have entire shelves dedicated to the big 'M’s - Moore, Morrison and Miller - with most of their work in my collection. Also a lot of Gaiman’s stuff as well.

On that basis probably Morrison as he’s the most prolific of them.

Although I am partial to Silver Age Marvel, so probably have a lot of Stan Lee too.


I have every single Katsuhiro Otomo comic that’s been translated into English, and all bar two of Masamune Shirow’s. I’m also only missing one of his translated art books.


This is a really interesting question. probably Curt Swan. I had been getting Superman and all related titles since I was around 8 very regularly until I was around 18 and he drew them for 8 of those years. That’s the vast bulk of my comic collection as he was drawing around 2 per month and I also went back and got most of the back issues from when I was around 2.

Writer-wise, that means Cary Bates is probably my top man. I wasn’t really a Marvel guy and only really knew the 60s stuff, which I loved, but picked up in reprint pocket-books in the 80s. So I have a lot of Stan too, but only maybe the first 30 issues of the big characters as the books were discontinued after 3-4 years.

I have everything Moore and Miller have ever written, but in terms if quantity I guess it would be Bates, Swan, Stan and maybe Gerry Conway (who’s so underrated, his Batman and JLA with Perez in particular).



David Lapham
Which shocked me to be honest.

But I have almost all of the Stray Bullets trades and all of the Young Liars trades


Pre-Cleansing: I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Post-Cleansing: I think it might be either John Layman or Ed Brubaker.


Probably Mark Millar :wink:

Great idea by the way, @davidm.


I completed my Immonen Superman this past year. I honestly don’t know if there are any others who’ve done that specifically, but his work there was, to my mind, his best. Which, again, was why I was so glad to see that style return in the pages of Empress. Other than that, Johns and Morrison tend to dominate my collecting.


I think it’s Garth Ennis. He had two long great runs - Punisher & Preacher, so that’s at least 150 books. Then there’s his other great books (not Crossed or The Boys) so I’m over 200 I think. I’ve bought much more Bendis but haven’t kept those books. Millarworld I think is maybe 100 comics. Even with the Marvel work there’s maybe 40-60 more Millar comics. Haven’t done much Gaiman outside of Sandman, don’t think I have that much Moore, Morrison or Ellis. Peter David might be close as I have his Hulk and X Factor.

Yeah, Ennis, Bendis and Millar for me probably.


I think I’d be Gaiman - because of Sandman, then Moore, Ellis, Millar, Morrison, Vaughn and Miller.

Then there’s a handful of Brubaker, Fraction and Kirkman.


Yeah, I’d have to go with Ennis - I’ve got a lot of his work.


Since I have all the Essentials collecting Claremont’s X-Men run, I guess the answer would have to be him. After him, Morrison and Moore.


Are we going by straight up volume or percentage of a particular creator’s output?

I have two long boxes full of Peter David comics, but he’s so prolific that is likely only 60-70% of his overall output.

I have fewer Garth Ennis comics, but am probably closer to 90% of his total output.


Grant Morrison and Mark Millar.
Hands down.


Yes for volume for me it’s probably Claremont too, I have all of his X-Men, New Mutants and connected books.

For being completist on their stuff I have almost everything ever written by Moore, Millar and Ennis. That includes their more obscure UK published stuff as I read most of it when it came out, the first Millar book I read was Saviour (which never finished as the publisher went bust).


Garth and Grant.



It’s mainly writers mentioned in this thread - they are more prolific than pencillers on the whole so it makes sense.

I expected Claremont from a few folks for UXM and NM.

I’ve always been more of a follower of artists so apart from Erik Larsen (I have the full run of Savage Dragon to date), it might be Jim Lee or Rob Liefeld.

ETA: In terms of % of output, I have almost everything Joe Quesada’s pencilled (excluding covers); ditto for Joe Madureira. I have tried to get as much of Mignola’s and Quitely’s interior work too.


Hi Jim. Ennis for me as well. Perhaps the most prolific writer in comics. Alan Moore may have conceived John Constantine but Garth Ennis helped define him (special nod to Jamie Delano). Additionally, I’m a bit of a martial history buff to boot. I count Ennis’ run on “Battlefields”, “Johnny Red” and “Dreaming Eagles” as some of his best stuff. I would love to meet him and discuss those books in particular.



I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I don’t collect the work of artists the same way I collect the work of writers.

Steve Dillon is the most common in my collection, with both Welcome Back Frank and Preacher on the shelf.


Stan Lee and Brian Azzarello for me. Between FF and 100 Bullets that’s a big head start, and I’ve got other stuff by them too. Naturally that puts Kirby and Risso up on artists, though I have an awful lot of John Byrne as well. For writers Moore isn’t far behind.

Taking stock of my shelf I would say that if I had to name one person it’d be[B] Jack Kirby[/B]. The Marvel stuff and Fourth World stuff adds up.