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Which actor looked the most like James Bond from the novels?


Which actor to play James bond looked the most like the one from Ian Fleming’s novels?


None of them really. Dalton maybe was the best in terms of having a “cruel” face (a word that was used to describe Bond’s features several times) but that was more likely the attitude he gave the character rather than his physical appearance.


Ian Fleming describes Bond as looking a bit like Hoagy Carmichael…

So, with the exception of being blond, maybe Daniel Craig (although not that closely).


This guy:




I think Christian bale would have made a decent looking James bond.


Dalton kinda resembles how I would imagine James bond from the novels to look like. Pierce to a good extant too even though some people think he looks too much of a pretty boy.


Apparently the part was originally offered to Cary Grant, who would only do one movie, and wouldn’t commit to a series. Patrick McGoohan turned it down as well before it was offered to Connery.

Ian Fleming favoured David Niven in the role.

Adam West was sought out to play Bond around the time Diamonds are Forever was made. He turned it down.

And if Pierce Brosnan didn’t come back for Die Another Day, Dougray Scott would have been donning the tuxedo.


I heard at one point Clive Owen screen tested for the role.


How Fleming envisioned Bond:


He looks kinda like the drawings of Sherlock Holmes by Sidney Paget.


I read once that Noel Coward was Fleming’s favoured Bond but I think he spread such claims of favouritism as often as Brucey.


Listing what I think are the requirements for a Bond:

Physically fit
Good Looks

Who would fit the bill for the next Bond?



Get Carter?



He’d only go and blow the bloody doors of everything.

Have you ever seen a Bond Minicar? It only has 3 wheels. It’s a bit Only Fools and Horses, but slightly classier looking.

Umm… I don’t think Del Boy would make a good Bond either. Michael Caine could sing the theme tune, I guess. “We’re in the Self-Preservation Society.”


Caine got to be this guy

And this guy

And this guy

He’s doing okay for himself.


Oh, I just thought he might look quite nice in silhouette singing.

He’s doing more than okay. He’s lovely.

But now I’m concerned about the Dutch. It’s not as if they’re from - well, I’d best not say – I didn’t like her shoes! I met a Dutch couple a while ago. They were very nice. They’d cycled all around the UK and Ireland. Well, they cheated a bit because they had to take the ferry across to Cork, but they didn’t have hovercraft-y Bond bikes.


Fassbender would make a pretty good Bond. A shame he’s from Fossa. :stuck_out_tongue: He could play the theme tune on his flute.