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Where do you host your comics?


Hi, all.

I was looking to start posting a few short five pagers online to start showcasing my stories, but I’m not really sure where to put them. I know nothing about web design, so do you guys think it’s best to shell out for my own web page or do something simple like a Facebook page?


I know some places that might interest you: Submanga, Medibang, Comixology and such. But I am very interested in this topic too. If someone can send more I’d be very grateful.


It’s fairly easy to create a quick tumblr site or something without too much agony - this is one I made in about an hour by just adding a basic webcomics theme:

But I’d also be interested in other places worth posting stuff. Is there value in sticking up five pagers on Comixology Submit as a totally unknown creator? I kinda assumed that at the very least, I should wait until I had enough for a decent length anthology.


I don’t know if they’d accept them. They have a vetting process and you have to charge at least 99c for them to make money. That’s a bit much for 5 pages of an amateur book.


Yeah, that was pretty much my concern with even trying on Comixology.


You did that whole page on Tumblr? It looks great.


Mm, that’s pretty much what I thought.

But yeah, any other free hubs worth posting that sort of material on, I’d be interested to hear. I’m putting the stuff online for free anyway (for now at least), so no reason not to shove it up anywhere else people might read it. Except pageviews, I guess, and I’m not that precious about those.


I use to host a webcomic, for a free site it’s not bad. It tracks your page visits and features any book that has a recent update on their homepage. I’m working on another comic that I’ll be hosting on to see how it compares as far as monthly page views as I’ve kind of “peaked” at 300 visits a month.


Not sure if you can do it but is a good one for uk creators


Alternately, you say you have a few. How many? If you’ve got enough for an issue’s worth, bundle them together, and then you can still do wider exposure with Comixology Submit. You would just need a killer title and cover. Theoretically whatever one you might think is strongest, or would like to continue.