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When was OHMSS re-assessed as a great Bond movie?


I suspect it was somewhere between Casino and Quantum, when all the boring guys were saying it was awesome because it kept to the serious tone of the books. In all honesty, I can’t get into serious Bond like I can’t get into serious Spider-Man and ponderous Superman. You need gags and thrills in here or it just ain’t Bank Holiday Bond.

Here’s the 10 weirdest moments in that movie:



“I have taught you to love Chickens…” :laughing:


Don’t be that guy who quotes the funniest line from a video in the comments. This isn’t Youtube.


I remember (and memory can be faulty) that people have loved OHMSS for years. They have mixed opinions on Lazenby but the film really is very good, and it has the most emotional ending of course.

Any Bond movie with Telly Savalas in it has got to be worth a look.


Lazenby’s pretty awful, but it’s probably my favourite of the 60s movies. Diana Rigg is great.


OHMSS would have been one of the best Bonds had Connery been in the lead. Lazenby is ok at best but the story and the rest of the cast are great.

Kalman isn’t the first person to do something like that and I’m sure he won’t be the last.


I’ve said this before when OHMSS came up. It’s the closest to being a Fleming book, maybe only a dozen added lines (“This never happened to the other fellow.”) but otherwise note-for-note.

I don’t think it was Lazenby so much as the material he was given and the way he was directed. Also not too sure Telly Savalas was the optimal choice for Blofeld!


I agree with Steve and Paul. My impression on OHMSS for years was the film was pretty well regarded but overshadowed by the fact that Lazenby wasn’t.


My favourite version is Max von Sydow, but he was in the non-Eon one that Connery did, for the money, ‘Never Say Never Again’, :smile:

Charles Gray was also great as was Donald Pleasence, but he went full villain, with the scar. I like my supervillains to have more menacing charm.


Charles Gray really threw me, because I had really liked his (brief but memorable) earlier role in You Only Live Twice.


That kind of thing never bothered me when i was growing up. I was probably 8 or 9 (or older) before I consciously realized that James Bond was being played by more than one actor, depending on whether I saw the films on TV or in the cinema. :slight_smile:


It didn’t bother me, I just recognised him from his earlier appearance (I loved You Only Live Twice as a kid and watched it constantly), and wondered (a) how he was alive again and (b) why he was now a baddie. :slight_smile:



Craig and Dalton will always be my Bonds. :wink:


I’ve often wondered what the Bond franchise would have become if Cubby Broccoli had continued with George Lazenby instead of Roger Moore. Would fans still have to deal with the shame of films like Moonraker and Octopussy?


Probably. They weren’t just about Moore, they were films of their time.

Especially ‘Moonraker’. It was all about space!


“You Only Live Twice” is the defacto James Bond film plus it has Ninjas

Also it has one of the best one-liners ever.

Bad guy: “Why were you down at the docks Mr Bond!?”

Bond: “Well you see, I used to be a sailor and I like ships.”


OHMSS has always been one of my top 3 Bond films. I started a rewatch of the films in consecutive order a few years ago, and I found that I actually like Lazenby as Bond more than Moore (the guy I saw in the theater as a kid) and I really only prefer Connery in Dr. No and FRWL. I like a bit of fun in the films but as an adult I find myself being pulled out of the story with too many silly moments. Don’t get me wrong I love Bond and own all the films (Daniel Craig spoiled it for my girls, they won’t sit through a JB movie without him :wink: )


Ninjas in a volcano! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


A volcano that just happens to be the most awesome underground secret lair ever created :smile