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When does Millar's Chosen/American Jesus take place?


Topic says it all, the comic mentions the Commodore 64 and at one point Jodie talks about Return of the Jedi. Can anybody help me narrow it down further by identifying the comics in these 2 panels?


I looked at cover galleries and don’t recognise those shapes, so it could be Peter Gross was creating ‘typical’ covers.

The X-Men has the Marvel Comics banner across the top and the Avengers one doesn’t. That was removed from the trade dress in late 1983, the C64 was released in 1982 but didn’t hit peak popularity until Christmas 1983, RotJ was a Summer 1983 release in the US.

I’m going to go with early 1984 as my educated guess.


All based on me at 13 so Summer 1983 right down to TJ Hooker :smile:



When does the sequel come out?


It’s coming real soon, there’s an interview here with Mark discussing the schedule.


Great interview! Who knew Mark had such a great singing voice!