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When are Suicide Squad review un-embargoed?


I haven’t seen anything online, but I was walking in town yesterday and saw posters all over The Barras. I mean on every wall. I’ve never seen anything like it. I also saw outfits and merch all over the Goth stores in the city centre, which affirmed my belief that whether this is good or bad it’s just going to be huge. People have just decided in ADVANCE they’re going to like it and sometimes that’s enough. I’ve seen that with a few movies and even if this isn’t good I think it’s going to be critic-proof, especially if it’s fun.

It’s got Will Smith and it’s got The Joker.I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, but no Batman movie ever made a decent profit until 2012 without The Joker in it. How crazy is that? People love dat Joker!



Apparently the embargo lifts at 9:00amPT/12:00pmET tomorrow.

I think it’s going to be lots of fun, I’m looking forward to it.


Just checked to see if any reviews had come out yet ahead of time, but it seems that all we’ve seen so far is the now-customary positive smattering of Twitter reactions from preview screenings, which we see for all of these movies these days:

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You know it’s going to be big when the buzz warrants wall to wall promotion two weeks prior to release. It must have had an actor turn up on every talkshow, or at least a mention, every night across the board in the US last week.


Just read this, thought some of you would enjoy. Interesting comments about the Joker.


I don’t think this one is going to have a problem with reviews.


Speaking of, I saw this in Edinburgh yesterday:


The marketing for this film has been so extreme that people in my social media feeds were asking “how can this movie not be out yet?”…a month ago.


The cast are busily doing PR rounds. New Killer Croc clip. Two new TV spots this morning (recuts, no new stuff). Expecting embargo to be lifted either late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (as there are some Wednesday opens, still?).

aside to @Mark_Millar - if you think you liked Margot before, this may take you over the top.


I get a weird vibe from this movie. “Being bad is fun.” It may not be for me.


I have high hopes for the movie, and the marketing has been so good, that it’ll be a bit of a bummer if we’re met with an avalanche of negative reviews like BvS was.


Don’t think they’ll hit quite that tone, Arjan. They’ve been saying it’s “bad guys against really bad guys”. Not any too different from numerous projects about gang life. Much milder than Kick-Ass, for instance.

Me, my main concern is that they used some light bulbs. Getting mighty tired of unlit movies!


Honestly, in almost all of the clips, all of the characters seem really unhappy even when they are being funny. Especially Deadshot.


Reviews are starting to come out now, and they seem disappointingly mixed-to-negative, sadly:

I’m hopeful that it’ll be more enjoyable than a lot of these make out.


Empire Magazine seems to like it


I think reviews can be discussed here:

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