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When a theory might spoil the whole damn thing...


I have a theory.

Oh god, yes – a grand and remarkable one, even.

Since Jupiter’s Legacy vol. 2 started, there’s been this little inkling of an idea that’s just dug it’s way into my brain and is now the size of a golf-ball, bursting with potency. This kernel…if even a shade of the truth would blow your minds, knock you dead and give you life all over again…

But I dare not share it…for two (good) reasons:

1.) I’m wrong – so far off-base that even uttering it, marks me as buffoon, gets me exiled, and my name becomes a verb meaning “botching the dog up totally and proper”.

2.) I’m right…and I’ve just spoiled the fun for EVERYONE. Which of course gets me marked as a buffoon, exiled, and…well, you get the picture.

I’ve dared to type/tweet Mark about this for months (possibly even doing a little dance around it once or twice). But I have to admit as much as I WANT to discuss this at length, the fan in me wants the experience of the ride itself.

They say it’s not just the destination, but the journey along the way :wink: But man, is it a good theory…!




I still think Flare’s kid is the Gladiator and have talked about it at length.


Not a bad thought! But what I’m on about is QUITE a bit larger in scale.


Ive always thought there’s some kind of legacy related to Jupiter somehow…

… I know … I know…


Booooo!!! Hahahahahaha!!!


Don’t get me started on Jupiter’s Circle…

… which I’m sure is to do with some kind of secret rhombus or tetrahedron…


Motherboxes, man.


Nothing to do with mother boxes, folks. Wilfredo just gave that device a Kirby edge which has some people curious. But this has zero to do with Kirby, New Gods etc.

But am curious. Spill, young Victor. There is INDEED a big story going on here!!



I’m going to have to avoid this thread ! Can I resist a peek though?!


Okay, since The Chief himself has given the go-head…

What if we’ve been shown the outcome of Jupiter’s Legacy vol. 2 already?

Right now, we have a collection of super-villains being rounded up, recruited and redirected, to take on the WHOLE of the superheroes who’ve become more of an oppressive regime than anything the bad guys had ever been. Should they succeed, honestly, can they let a single hero “live”? Would the people they’re actually trying to save, resist?

To answer that question, just read WANTED.

I think one of the FIRST Millarworld titles is the aftermath of this, one of the most current. Remember when Wanted first came out, it was so grandiose and cool, seemingly with shoutouts and references to mainstream characters. But what if they weren’t shoutouts to those guys at all – that red cape that The Professor kept, actually belonged to Utopian, etc. And the people of the world, had their minds wiped to not even KNOW that the heroes had ever existed – there seems to be a few characters in Jupiter’s Legacy that could pull that off. Ever wondered why Wesley could should shoot the wings off a fly or The Fox was just so bad-ass? They’re descendants of Sheldon and the rest of The Union.

So there it is, my big theory: Jupiter’s Legacy feeds into the world of Wanted.


You really should blur that in case it’s true… And The Chief should probably lie and say it isn’t, if it is.


Not quite, but it’s a good theory.

I mentioned a while back that the red cape is The Utopian’s, but what we see in Wanted (which exists in the same world as Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Superior, etc) is that the heroes are all gone, people made to forget about them and we only half-remember them through pop-culture. The early versions of this are Batman and Superman, but the real version of what happened is the Jupiter’s Legacy characters.

Obviously they were all taken down in 1986, but the Legacy and Circle books half-remember what happened and postulate on what MIGHT HAVE BEEN had these guys not been in that big 1986 fight. So what I’ve purposely done is kinda created an Earth 2 situation for my characters, a parallel world they all live on which - at some point - might cross into ours. Superior lives there, but Simon made a magic wish and brought him here to us. The Supercrooks live there, etc, etc.

The big mystery I thought you were onto in Jupiter’s Circle and Legacy is The Island. What it is. What it did. What it’s all about. That’s what Skyfox has been looking into all these years - as we pick up on in the new issue today!



PS No need to blur. It’s not true and word SPOIL is up there in the title!!


After reading the newest issue, my love of Skyfox might topple Utopian – and I’ve been trying to figure out The Island since putting that one down. I’m not quite there yet! Obviously, I’ve still got some more training to do to become a proper padawan!



Does King Kong live there?
Has this entire saga been a crazy lead-up to a King Kong remake?
Do you even like King Kong?


I feel like King Kong isnt the big reveal…


Well he’d never be a small reveal.


Well played! Lol


And in the previous year we had some activities, did we not? Certainly not in the Millarverse, but in another reality starting with an “M”. (Good alphabet letter, huh?) Seems some really large cosmic critter was once again prepping to eat the Earth - as is its wont - and was again stopped. So the plan changed. This critter decided Earth was just too tough; it requires tenderizing. So it created aliens that gave Sheldon and crew powers knowing the collateral damage would be immense and thus the Earth become tenderized and tasty.

Yup. It was Galactus all along.


I like the Jupiter’s series quite a bit, but I really like the way Brainwave’s powers work. I could see a tangential connection to WANTED in that regard. Imagine if the heroes’ powers were generated by will. All powers are essentially mind powers.

When you capture a hero (or villain) in a mental construct, then they are more or less vulnerable, powerless, in the waking world. Now, what happens if you leave them there? Does the body just stay in a coma? Or could you wake them up but with a basically blank mind? What if you woke them up in a world with a new identity where superheroes were just silly comic book characters?

I could also see this as being the last resort when it comes to Armageddon-level superthreats. If you have a Doomsday or Hulk sized monster capable of cracking a hole in the Earth’s crust with punch, then leaving its mind and powers in a permanent mental construct and letting the resultant depowered amnesiac live the rest of his life (under constant secret surveillance) as a garbageman in some small town in Canada might be more effective than trying to build a prison to contain him or even taking the risk to try to kill him since that might crack the construct at the moment before death.

The big mystery I thought you were onto in Jupiter’s Circle and Legacy is The Island. What it is. What it did. What it’s all about. That’s what Skyfox has been looking into all these years - as we pick up on in the new issue today!

HG Wells wrote a story called THE MAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES which was made into a film in 1936 and was the basis of the recent Terry Jones movie ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

In it, beings like angels give a man the power to do anything physical - he just couldn’t change people’s minds or their essential natures (like BRUCE ALMIGHTY, now that I think about it). They are testing the human race to see if they would live up to their aspirations if they had the power to do so. After a few selfish acts, the man in the story actually does try to change the world for the better, but ends up failing miserably because he doesn’t understand enough to avoid the consequences.

If a truly superior alien species saw the human race, what would they think of us? Would they see us as bags of chemicals that follow unconscious physical laws or would they wonder if we had minds or souls the same way that they do? How would they determine the difference?

Maybe by giving some abilities that transcend physical limitations and then observing what they’d do with them. If we continued behaving the same as before, then they would probably conclude that no, we really are just mindless automatons obeying unconscious physical impulses.