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What's Your Most Craved "Road Not Taken"?


To clarify, what plot point or story did you really want to see more of, but were denied the chance?

Did a certain writer’s run get cancelled before it’s time? Was Joel Schumacher’s third Batman movie going to be the best one? Did editorial get their dirty fingers in your favourite story before it could finish? Or maybe you wanted to skip the Garfield Spider-Man film and just get more Sam Raimi ones.

What’s your fictional road not taken that you wish you could?


Great thread idea.

I would love to see how Alan Moore’s Big Numbers would have turned out. It seemed to be a hugely complex and ambitious project even by his standards, and it’s a shame it was never completed.

I also wish Brubaker’s run on Daredevil had not been wound up early. It was heading in some interesting directions that were abruptly truncated when he left.


Honestly? The more I hear about Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six movie the more I wish we’d gotten to see it rather than this reboot. It could have been a great send-off for that interpretation of the character and would have actually followed up on the tagline for ASM2: “His greatest battle begins”.


And if we’re going wider than comics, Quantum Leap deserved a lot better an ending than it got.


For me, there’s sort of two.

The first one is I really wish we got more of Cullen Bunn’s run on the Agent Venom series. It wasn’t quite as good as Remender’s previous run, but it still had a lot of great moments and was clearly building to something bigger. I actually got to ask him about it when he did an AMA on Reddit. In a farewell letter he mentioned what he “…had in mind for The Descent, his plans for Toxin and Mania, the emergence of an all new Anti-Venom…” and “…the War of the Symbiote.”

I asked him if he could expand on that and his answer was “There were many things I had in mind for VENOM, but I had to wrap them all up rather quickly. For instance… – There was to be a lot more with Mania. I really wanted to show Flash trying to be a father figure for Andi and Venom trying to be a mentor for Mania. I also had a story in mind in which Toxin would try to take Mania under his wing. – The Descent was, when originally conceived, going to be a big war in Hell kind of story, with Venom, Mania, Toxin, and the Circle of Four characters almost like a group of soldiers behind enemy lines. – The new Anti-Venom was something I was pretty excited about. When Flash took over as Venom, there was a mention that he was not the first candidate for the symbiote… that there was another host before him. I can’t remember exactly at this point, but it was almost a throw away line. My plan was to introduce that previous candidate as another symbiote-powered soldier who wanted to destroy Venom. He would become the new anti-venom. --The War of the Symbiote was supposed to be come an arc or two after the Mania arc. Basically, everyone who had ever worn the symbiote would be drawn to it (kind of a pheromone incident) and go to war to get it back. Spider-Man (then Spider-Ock), Scorpion, Eddie Brock, Flash, and anyone else. The symbiote would be jumping from person to person during this “war” and in this story Flash would have finally learned Spider-Man’s identity.”

So yeah, that left me even more blue ballsed…

I also wish we could have seen Millar stick around for more Ultimate Universe stuff, but that’s because I’m both a Millar and a UU fanboy. I got plenty of that already, so I can’t really complain.


It’s funny, that actually gets me quite conflicted. On the one hand, Goddard doing a Sinister Six movie sounds awesome.

On the other hand, now we’re getting Spider-Man in the MCU…


New 52 OMAC


Two HUGE Fourth World fanboys working on a series that, on reading it, was working hard to integrate the New Gods into the DCU.

It got cancelled after 8 issues. What a shame


Supreme Power with JMS. There was a 60 issue story there, a retelling of Squardon Supreme that seemed like it was going to be one of the greatest comics of all time. And then it all fell apart. It’s probably my biggest disappointment in comic books.


I think we’ve lost a lot more than we’re going to gain.


How the wheels flew off the X-books post-Second Coming, shame.

That we never saw Oracle’s vengeance on Junior.

The road for the Marvel Cosmic books after War of Kings.

Civil War rendering registration as military, concept had more to it than that but never explored it.

May think of others later.


I would have liked to see what Steven Seagal and Joe Kelly would have done with the X-Men. They were leading up to the return of the Phoenix and Scott taking the team into some new direction.


I think you mean Steve Seagle.

I hope you didn’t mean Steven Seagal:


I would have loved to see Jeff Parker’s Exiles run a lot longer. There was a smattering of synopses and ideas for unmade future issues at the back of the trade, which was kind of bitter-sweet. They sounded great, especially the team slowly realising that their Wanda had been replaced by an amoral counter-part, but we’ll never get to see that.

Also, The Nam. It got ruined around the mid #40s when the real time gimmick was dropped. The regular writer, Doug Murray slowly disappeared from the book, replaced by fill-ins and Chuck Dixon doing mediocre, macho war stories (and terrible Punisher stories). If they’d let the series continue as it was and cover the rest of the war, I think it would be a run for the ages.


Seriously though, can you imagine how crazy that would be? I’d buy a trade written by Seagal.


Not a specific single plot point, but I really wish Paul Levitz’s Legion of Super-Heroes hadn’t been ripped apart by the dictates of the post-Crisis Superman office.

(You all knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? :blush: )


(And yes, Stallone’s Dredd counts as another missed opportunity.)


There are a lot. Supreme Power is a good one. Numbers is a good one.

I’ll say that Dwayne McDuffie should have had a much longer Fantastic Four run. I would have loved 30+ issues from him.


For Marvel UK readers from the 80’s I really wish they’d done more with Dragons Claws (or wish they’d revisit the property some day) and I’ve spent 25 years wondering where things were going to go with Zoids. And I really wish we’d had a little more Action Force before GI Joe gobbled them all up.


I wish we would have actually gotten that Whedon/Hitch Spider-Man comic.


This x 100000000… Seriously, First they took it from the MAX imprint and then it just felt appart… too bad, it was buidling to something really amazing.

Also, for me, I wish DnA would’ve had the chance to continue with the cosmic line after Thanos Imperative, instead of canceling them and throwing the GotG Bendis’ way when they realized their mistake… u_u

In other media…

Threshold being cancelled, that sucked major balls… The series was pretty good and it had Data AND Tyrion in it… pfff… what a bunch of dumbasses… =/