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What's your favorite Kurt Russell movie?


They all suffer from overindulgence - at some point someone needed to put their hand on his shoulder and suggest ‘could you not’ over certain scenes. But I think Django is the least guilty and Kill Bill 2 is good until we get to Bills house.


You can describe plenty of scenes in his movies as being self-indulgent, but I’ve come to appreciate it as part of the package by now. Sure, some people probably wish that he’d just made ten Reservoir Dogs, but I think that’s showing as his least interesting movie. It’s really good, sure, but I’d probably want to watch almost any of his others before that one.


I thought “Hateful 8” was pretty much Reservoir Dogs as a western. And it was great.


I thought it was more of an Agatha Christie mystery as a western.


True, there was an element of Whodunnit in there. But so there was in Reservoir Dogs. Maybe Reservoir Dogs was an Agatha Christie mystery as a violent gangster movie?


Only it’s twice as long and half as good, as Andy Diggle put it.

I don’t agree with that. The Hateful Eight is an interesting movie. It has a lot to say.


Less so than Hateful 8 Though, which felt like And Then There Were None with unpleasant cowboys.


Tarantino himself has described many of his later movies - since Kill Bill, at least - as movies that characters in his earlier movies would be watching. That if Vincent and Mia had gone to see a movie instead of dinner, they would have seen Django Unchained. That if Jackie Brown had turned on the television when she got home from the airport, Kill Bill or Mia’s Fox Force Five show would have been on. The Hateful 8 is a Western that the characters in Reservoir Dogs would’ve watched when they were kids.

That’s more what Tarantino produces. Not movies that deliver an experience of life, but movies that deliver the experience of a life lived through movies.


Tarantino has stated that Hateful 8 was his take on The Sound of Music, with the eight characters representing Maria and the seven children.

I just felt like making a comment on this thread, but didn’t have anything truthful to say.


The hills are alive, with the sound of motherfuckers.


You can sort of tell that Kenneth Branagh did Murder on the Orient Express thanks to Hateful Eight. The mustache is the dead giveaway.


They should totally use that as the movie’s tagline.


Wow, and how Tarantino managed to get David Hess’ - Now You Are All Alone for H8, always startles me. But I do remember he went to theater in his teenage years to watch The Last House on the Left.


You’ve only made one sequel in your career: 1996’s Escape From L.A. Is that because you’re not interested in following up your own stories?

That’s correct. I made that movie because Kurt Russell wanted to make it. He said, “Let’s make it!” And I said, okay. Fine. We did.



Nobody says “no” to Kurt Russell.