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What's the single best moment in a comic ever?


It doesn’t even need to be a great comic. Just a great moment. Like how Superman 4 is a terrible movie, but it has three really great moments I love. What’s the best ever moment in a comic you’ve read?

I love the moment Batman saves the baby in Year One. It’s a great feel-good moment and what really makes it work is that Batman has grabbed a pedal-bike and somehow cycled fast enough to catch up with the car. Batman taking down the Mutant Leader in DKR #2 also a cracking moment. Miller is extremely good at setting up an event scene like this (better than pretty much anyone) and his Daredevil is peppered with such moments, but I think my fave is a tiny one and it belongs to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and their Superman annual.

Yeah, I know the BURN moment was cool, but only really because we’d never seen Superman do that kind of thing before and he does it all the time now so it’s somewhat softened. The moment that really stays with me is Superman being given a perfect, hand-made replica model of the bottle city of Kandor by Wonder Woman for his birthday and hiding the one he already has upstairs so she doesn’t get offended. It’s a perfect Superman moment as it encapsulates the character, but at the same time we get a great super-speed nano-second because he’s moving so fast even Wonder Woman doesn’t register that he’s been missing for a moment. I’ll try to find it.


Batman. Guy Gardner. One Punch.

That’s the first one that comes to mind.


Here it is:


Why does Wonder Woman unwrap the present she got for Superman?


X-ray vision: why bother wrapping the damn thing in the first place?


Ah, thanks folks.

Another great moment I think is Superman/ Batman and gift-related. The idea that Superman buys Batman a Christmas present after their first adventure and Batman is slightly taken aback and embarrassed because he doesn’t really do Christmas since his parents died. Worse, Superman has bought him Mask of Zorro :slight_smile:

Dave Gibbons wrote this and it was that great Worlds Finest book he did with Steve Rude.



That’s a great moment as the build-up was so great.

Guy Gardner was a really interesting character when Engelhart brought him into that great GL run with Joe Staton and right up until that punch seemed to have an edge (which he strangely kinda lost for me after). That first year of Justice League was amazing. The best run ever outside of the Conway Perez run, which is just exceptional.



A cliché, but a cliché for a reason - because it just sums up the character so well:

(What I love about this is the visual pacing, with the panels growing in size, and giving us an ever-changing perspective on essentially the same image - so that Spidey goes from being an almost insignificant speck in the first panel to a central image of power in the last splash page.)


No. Sorry Dave is right. That’s brilliant. Forget what I said.


It’s an Amazonian custom. I thought everybody knew that?

Lead foil.



Would have been stronger if he said it instead of thinking it.


This moment still remains vivid in my mind, more than 40 years later:


One of the best moments in comics for me was aquaman and orm fighting by the end of the throne of atlantis storyline. It’s their dialogue while they were fighting that got me. You can clearly see that they care for each other and how betrayed they felt as brothers. It was really good. And to top that off, orm yields and then one of the best panels ever. Arthur saying " I AM YOUR KING!" That was just pure awesome. :smile:


And even better if he’d stopped Doomsday before he reached Metropolis. :wink:


The Death of Superman really was a great story that kind of gets lost in the mix of all of the follow on stories. It was concise and really used the medium well with each subsequent issue reducing the number of panels to heighten the intensity until the last issue was all splash pages.


A favorite reveal and one that cemented my early interest in comics was at the end of New Mutants #100 when we found out that Stryfe may actually be Cable (he was shown to be a clone much later).

It doesn’t carry the same weight years later as Cable has faded but that was an amazing story beat then.

Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 10 - Rob Liefeld

I’m probably forgetting loads, but the one that springs to mind is Rewind’s message to Chromedome in More Than Meets The Eye #16. Bit too long to post, but it’s essentially a dying message hastily cut together from footage in Rewind’s database, like a Cassetteboy video, but heartfelt and touching and just the epitome of James Robert’s writing, really.

Oh and this from Busiek and Perez’s Avengers, which was one of the first real bad ass moments I remember reading in comics.


One of my favourite moments from Akira:


If we are adding mangas.


I love the very end of Superman: Birthright. That final scene cements it as my favourite Superman origin, with no chance of ever being beaten.