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What's the next Game of Thrones?

You might be able to tell I’m obsessed with how GOT has changed TV and what it might mean for the next decade of storytelling. Long form high budget epic stories seem to be in fashion, and seem to be a good gamble given that they often pay off massively.

We’re due another GOT and I don’t know if anything currently in production quite lives up that that potential. So what untapped properties do you think could become the next global hit? What new works are we ready to love?

I’ll start.

  1. Discworld. Not just because it’s fantasy, I think there’s a real opportunity in making a proper Discworld show centered around the Nights Watch. I know the BBC have made some shows, but they always felt cheap and niche. I think you could take the books and make something grand and sprawling and with the barrier down on fantasy shows I think it could become very mainstream.

  2. Warhammer 40k. I suspect the streamers are already talking to Games Workshop about their brand. There’s a huge volume of books to pull from, a good established fanbase, but at the end of the day I think when we see a Space Marine on screen in the middle of a huge battle everyone will be interested.

  3. Reborn. I know Netflix are working on this with Sandra Bullock, and I think they’re going to go the movie route rather than the TV route, but I think the idea behind this and the world they could make would be an immediate worldwide hit. The visuals are unlimited and the stories are easy to get invested in. You could tell a thousand stories in this world.

  4. Jupiters Legacy. Bit cheating, but I know this is going to be excellent, and I think folks are ready for what they’re going to do with superheroes.


The D&D cartoon directly translated as a live action TV show.

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Honestly? In the vein of your Reborn answer…I think New Gods could be one.

You have a multi-factioned, but highly inter-personal and dynamic laden, conflict that spans decades (if not a millenia) and a huge universe that doesn’t overburden the intimacy of the characters or their journeys. You could spend so much time on doing all sorts of intriguing conflicts and adventurous drama with the Forever People, main storyline stuff with Orion, and hearty down-to-earth subplots with Mister Miracle. It’s hefty fruit if they wanted to do anything with it.

After how amazing Doom Patrol turned out, I have hope that someday someone can envision it as a show on the DC/WB streaming service.

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It was actually Sky that made most of them but yes they were rather cheap. They could have been done much better.

You aren’t the only one it seems:


We’ve already seen how it ends.


Is that the big draw of shows?

But we’re already going to get a New Gods movie with an incredible writer on board.

Obvious conflict of opinion aside, that’s why I said “in the vein of [Jim’s] Reborn answer”.

I think it has the potential to be an amazing series. The next Game of Thrones.

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I doubt it will ever happen in millions years, but i’d love to see the world of Asgard (the Marvel’s one, not Disney/MCU)

Someone mentioned Wheel of Time is being adapted by Amazon, I believe. That will definitely be a contender if they take it seriously. Otherwise, it will come off pretty poorly or middling like the adaptation of Altered Carbon.

As far as Millar’s work, I think he has a lot that could be adapted very well, but I think it will take some creative divergence (but not as much as the disappointing WANTED). The time seems to be right for NEMESIS.

However, the comic he’s done that I think has the most potential right now to really transcend the normal or even popular the way GAME OF THRONES did is CHOSEN. It’s a story that could be expanded well beyond the story in the comic. Also, like Game of Thrones, Mark hasn’t finished the story.

Lord Of The Rings

Watchmen, obviously.


Superheroes are huge. Audiences are ready for a story about them as epic and dark and adult as GOT.

I say HBO should adapt the Wildstorm Universe, drawing from the highpoint of Ellis, Moore, Millar, Brubaker, & Casey. One show, initially following StormWatch and the WildCATs (who’ve learned their war with the Daemonites is over). Authority, 3.0, Planetary, and Holden Carver are introduced later. Planetary as a spin-off. But never more than 2 shows. Stick close to the spirit of the comics and load it with the epic big screen visuals of late-season Thrones. I can’t see how this wouldn’t be a hit as long as the writing, casting, and budget were right.


Brexit: The Series. Just add tits and dragons.


They already have Gove and Johnson, how many do you need?


Dune would’ve been an excellent choice… very GoT (or rather GoT is very Dune)… but they went with a new movie… u_u

Personally I’d love soemthing from Weiss and Hickman, either Rose of the Prophet or the Death Gate Cycle… RotP would have better chances 'cause of budgetary concerns =P

In terms of getting people to talk over what’s going to happen, what happened each episode, etc, I think it’ll have to be a show that airs week-to-week, rather than a Netflix show that drops in one go.


Someone already said Brexit.


Did Game of Thrones catch on because it was fantasy for more mature audiences that came along just as a generation of Harry Potter kids grew up and were open to a fantasy story for their age? If so, that supports the more mature superhero show concept for kids who have grown up with the MCU as their big thing.

I would watch a proper Discworld series.