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What's the most iconic comic book art of every character in the MCU


As a way to clear my head while doing normal editing work I’m editing together the MCU films in chronological yada yada yada…

Basically I am doing a title sequence for the beginning of each part and I’m looking for the most iconic art of each MCU character. My two big problems are amount of choice for the older characters and lack of choice for the newer characters.

I thought I’d ask you lot for help.

I’ll start… Thinking this for Spider-Man…


Maybe I could use Joe Jusko art for every character.

Is there any other artist who’s as prolific at drawing Marvel characters?






Keith Pollard was the artist on the binder edition of the OHOTMU back in the 90s.



Hitchy. He might not be the “most iconic” Cap artist … but he’s certainly the ultimate!

Then there’s that Jack fellow. Did y’all know my dad was born Gladwyn, and changed it to Jack? Wonder if that’s what happened to Kirby…


I’m not sure Shocker’s going to make the title sequence :joy:


Those handbook images would be great actually but unfortunately he hasn’t covered GOTG from what I can find.


You’d be wasting the chance then!


If I do go with different artists I will def have some Kirby, though Cap is a really hard one, I’m not sure that Hitch pic covers what I want… the pics need to sort of show them very much in their heroic states and angry Cap isn’t very present in the movies.


Yeah, this thread isn’t going to help much Parker…

Might I suggest just using this:

It’s what Marvel figured out for each of the characters and it might be the best shortcut for you.


Then go with the first page he appears full on in.
Can’t get more heroic than leading people into battle.


As Shocker goes, much like Homecoming then…


Hmmm, the art on those profiles is stunning. They would work really well if I could pair it with the panel set into the background, too.

I might take those pics and cut each character out and place them on some panels and some movement actually.

Having iconic panel work in the background means I can sort of use a few different images too.

Cheers Jim.




And this is how we got Sam Jackson for reals.



Alex Ross?


I think this covers all of them: