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What's the feeling on Luke Cage now you've seen it?


I watch maybe two shows a year and never invest time in anything unless people say it’s amazing.

Is this DD season 1 level brilliant or more DD season 2 Not-Brllliant?



Im watching it now. Its not like Daredevil - its very Harlem turf war crime noir with a sick soundtrack.


I asked same question on Twitter and fascinating how literal people took it, saying it was nothing like DD at all :slight_smile:

I mean quality. Is it the 5 star S1 or the 2 star S2 with McKnight, Goddard, etc?



Im two episodes in - but I mean, its not like Daredevil in the way that it doesnt seem to be a superhero story.

Honestly? So far its good but its not making me sit up and say “holy shit”. The soundtrack really is something though.


I’m with Tim on this one.
Its pacing might be a bit slow for some but I’m finding it completley captivating
It’s looking like I’m working tomorrow if I cant get away from the screen.

And Goddamn Mike Colter is brilliant

I’m going with 4 Stars at episode 3 hopefully 5 by the finish.


Watching the first episode and it’s a classy production. It is more like The Wire or a gangster film than a superhero show so far, which is fine by me.

I think the main issue I’ve had with all the Netflix shows is having enough story to genuinely fill 13 hours and I won’t be able to tell if that’s an issue until further in.

Did they up the adult content? I heard an f-word which I can’t recall hearing before on a Marvel/Netflix show.


Completely agree. I’ll be skipping until I hear more review.


Your dislike of Daredevil series 2 continues to baffle me.


Me? The Punisher bits are good :slight_smile:



It’s all good, maaaaaaaan!


The problem I had with DD s1 and even more JJ s1 is in their bid to be serious, Netflix spun a quite brutal story with a real downbeat, negative tone - in the end, too much so on JJ s1.

Strangely I’m better with this stuff as comics than as TV, perhaps because in the former I’ve far more control over how it ‘plays’.

Is LC trying to be as hard-edged as its predecessors or is it trying something different?

I’d also second the padding criticism, became very apparent in the middle of DD s1.


I’ve just finished episode 1, and it’s pretty hard-edged, Harlem is pretty crime-ridden, Cage’s adversaries are organised criminals every bit as brutal as the Kingpin, and Cage is dealing with flashbacks to a violent past like Jessica Jones. It’s a bit too early to tell, but I do think it has less of a pessimistic tone than Jessica Jones so far.


Thanks, I know I’m going to give it a go as I’m on the last month of my free span courtesy of a giftcard from one of my not-so-little sisters.


I did enjoy episode 1. There’s a lot going on in there, setting up the characters and their conflicts. Misty Knight is pretty cool so far, and to keep adding Wire alumni to the netflix shows, Frankie Faison is in there as Cage’s boss/father figure, and apparently Sonja Sohn is going to show up later.


It’s pretty cool… I’m up to ep 8, and it’s been rather good. It’s not as bombastic as either DD or JJ, it’s more “slow-paced” and more “grounded” as it feels less superhero-ey overall. It’s more of a vigilante/gangsters tale, but it’s strangely riveting. It helps that it has some really good acting, production and a fantastic soundtrack of course. Oh and Misty Knight is hot as hell :smile:

Funny thing is that even though it’s about as violent as DD or JJ, it doesn’t feel as heavy or oppresing… Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that Luke is just Luke and he wears no mask. I dunno, I guess so far it hasn’t been anything too “new” or groundbreaking at all, but it’s certainly been a great show so far. Not every show need to innovate and SHs are now rather common stuff, so I’ll settle with well made rather than flashy.

Oh and I really hope they release a soundtrack of some sort… the music’s been really really good.


I’m only on episode 6 but I’m really enjoying the series. I had a lot of high expectations for the show and usually that leads to disappointment, but not with this show. Marvel’s Netflix shows are amazing.

To nitpick, it’s weird how they decide what things to censor and what they’ll allow. The N-word is fine along with a variety of curse words. But the F-bomb is a no go (as proven by a strangely edited Wu Tang’s “Bring da Ruckus”) along with female nipples (as shown with pasties in a strip club). Not quite anything goes like Showtime, but more liberal than network or regular cable.


Damn I binged it all yesterday :smile:

I enjoyed it. Got some small nits to pick, but overall it was good. I felt it was a lot more focused and better structured than DD1, 2 and JJ1, which is good news for future Netflix shows. I didn’t feel 13 episodes was too much this time around, which is good too… I kinda want to know if people feel the same on this particular point which has been a point of contention for those other series.

I’ll not write much for now to give people a chance to finish it first though… Just to say: I really hope we see Misty in IF… =P


I’m finished episode 8 or so, really enjoying it. It’s happy to be a story about Luke Cage fighting gangsters in Harlem, with good writing, good characters and decent direction. It’s not trying to out-Nolan Nolan like Daredevil or be an examination of PTSD and Feminist issues like Jessica Jones.

Note, I really enjoyed Daredevil and Jessica Jones too, I’m not knocking them with that comparison.


I ain’t see shit.

(Heh, sorry, I couldn’t resist at all).

Anyways, up to episode 9, Netflix went down. I am enjoying it quite a bit (Daredevil is still on the top for me), and I haven’t feel it dragging like I felt the middle of Jessica Jones do.

Solid, some funny moments, really enjoying it, and I am pretty happy with the entire Marvel/Netflix output up to now.


Just finished it. Overall a win with some nice wee nods to the comics and some great music. Having just shot-gunned the whole season in two days I will need some time to digest it and I will re-watch it.

Initial overall impression - better than jessica jones but not not as good as season 1 of daredevil or the punisher bits of season 2.

I think the defenders may be very very good if they play it right