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What's Dark Horse's Biggest Titles Now?

They’re lovely guys and have a great rep.

What’s your fave DH titles at the moment?


Fight Club 2 was pretty Frickin’ good, great sequel…finished now though. :frowning:

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Looking sales wise it seems the Whedon stuff is still doing well for them, Buffy and Serenity etc. Hellboy in the charts too.

Fight Club was pretty big too as Matt says as it has the original writer.


I honestly don’t think I’ve read a Dark Horse comic since they lost the Star Wars licence. :worried:
I should really get around to trying that Brian Wood Aliens book though.

Aliens was the first Dark Horse book I ever read, maybe 30 years ago. They’ve done well with that license. :smile:


Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer is a must-read.


Yeah it’s brilliant. I suspect @davidm might like it.

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I do like Lemire’s writing, so I shall look into it :slight_smile:

The Dark Horse website has a ‘bestsellers’ section that gives a rundown of their biggest titles (which look to be based on sales of December issues) and their collections:


  1. Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse #3
  2. Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #3
  3. Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death #1
  4. Black Hammer #6
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 #2
  6. Aliens: Defiance #7
  7. Aliens: Defiance #8
  8. Aliens: Life and Death #4
  9. Shadows on the Grave #1
  10. Ether #2[/quote]


  1. Fight Club 2 HC
  2. Angel Catbird Volume 1 HC
  3. Moebius Library: The World of Edena HC
  4. Muhammad Ali HC
  5. Neil Gaiman’s Troll Bridge HC
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 Volume 6: Own It TPB
  7. New Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 11 TPB
  8. Conan Omnibus Volume 1: Birth of the Legend TPB
  9. Baltimore Volume 7: Empty Graves HC
  10. Blade of the Immortal Omnibus Volume 1 TPB[/quote]
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It’s very much mired in Golden Age ideas which is why I thought of you.

DHC did take a hit by losing Star Wars, then Lone Wolf & Cub finished, then so did Blade of the Immortal - ouch.

Stuff I’m enjoying:

The Mignolaverse - This continues to be absolutely superb stuff and, in terms of sheer material produced, an absolute leviathan. Hugely fun and I’m looking forward to BPRD’s third act.

The Goon - Working my way through the astonishingly good value Library editions, got 3-4 still to read.

Usagi Yojimbo - Stan Sakai is a master artist, 'nuff said.

Mae - Gene Ha’s writer-artist fantasy story and it’s a very fun read.

Fire & Stone: DHC’s reboot of their Aliens and Predator licenses, combined with Prometheus was a great read.

Aliens: The Original Series: Issued in original, unaltered form, this is a great what-if for after Aliens, printed, like Fire & Stone, in a big Absolute-style hardback. Got Volume 2 to read to complete the trilogy.

Empowered remains the superhero pisstake. Warren keeps hitting every target he takes aim at, while making quite a few smarter, deeper criticisms of the genre.

Elfquest - Enjoying the reissue of the older material while acquiring Final Quest to read when I get there.

On the to-read list: World of Tanks and Witchfinder Volume 4.

Upcoming - I’m looking forward to Arcudi’s Dead Inside, a murder mystery in jail. Plus Mae Volume 2. Oh and not to forget Stokoe’s Aliens: Dead Orbit


I’ve been considering getting Mae, Ben; so that’s a hearty recommendation from you?

Really enjoyed the first trade, so yeah, definitely worth a look if you get it at a good price. Probably a review of it in one of the Trades threads too.

Vol 2 looks to be set for August.

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American Gods will do well, guaranteed.

Black Hammer’s great.

The Mignolaverse and Whedonverse seem like the pillars holding DH aloft these days. Conan, and the Aliens/ Predator/ Prometheus titles are not as hot as they once were, but still seem to do well.


Yeah, just the creative ensemble they’ve got on it will also sell it.

I currently buy Brian Wood’s BRIGG’S LAND (very reminiscent of Season 2 of FARGO), Cullen Bunn’s HARROW COUNTY (Southern Gothic horror), CONAN, and all the various Mike Mignola properties. Other recent DH stuff that I’ve enjoyed include REBELS, NINTH WAVE, HOUSE OF PENANCE, and the Richard Corben adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories.


Hmm, there is the Manga lot too isn’t there?

Oh? I’ll have to go looking for those.

[quote=“BenObiwomble, post:18, topic:9984”]
Oh? I’ll have to go looking for those.
[/quote]A lot of it was collected in this Hardcover a couple years back:


Which, thanks to you, I’ve had to order a copy! :wink:

I’m on a Matt Kindt kick at the moment with both Dept.H and Ether on the go; two very different books but both demonstrating Kindt’s great storytelling. I have an unread Fight Club 2 set (#1-10) for a rainy day.