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What's biggest-selling new comic of the last 20 years?


Perhaps Jim was referring to this:

scuttle (plural scuttles)

A container like an open bucket (usually to hold and carry coal).


Sure, I was just thinking about building awareness, buzz and so on.


It’s Irish you yankie boy.

The 100k sales are usually so small that it dwarfs the 30-40 million people they’d market to. I’m not sure they’re bought into the value of buzz.


It’s used the same way in the US. Miqque is just being weird. :wink:




I’m talking about among comics fans, the kind of thing that can give a property a bit of momentum and positive press. But maybe you’ll right and they don’t care about that on that scale.


I’d imagine the Netflix deal with Mark is rather unique in that they are employing him as an ideas man and probably starting the wheels on adaptation from the off.

I think there is value in buzz outside of that though in picking projects. Even though the comics market is relatively tiny compared to TV it is essentially a massive tester of the appeal of an idea compared to a focus group or the ten people that review TV pilots.


Fixed that for you.