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What's biggest-selling new comic of the last 20 years?


I don’t mean a relaunch of Avengers or X-Men or whatever. I mean a brand new series. Rising Stars was a big launch in 1999 and Jupiter’s Legacy did 130,000 with issue one’s first printing. Anyone know what the absolute biggest has been for a brand new concept? We did 125K of KA#1 for example, but that was over six or seven printings.


Walking Dead is probably up there for its first TPB.

Raina Telgemeier’s books too, especially Smile. As of January 2015, it had 1.5 million copies in print, and that’s obviously grown since.


I’m assuming you mean sales at launch (The Walking Dead has sold millions now but only 7,000 copies when Issue 1 came out).


Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man series has done quite well in the last couple of years, even if it’s not top. The first OGN (which came out in August 2016) had US bookstore sales of 311,275 in 2017, the second one did 419,318 and the third one 339,703.

That’s based on BookScan figures from here:


I’m gonna go with this one:


Not later issues or graphic novels. I mean what’s the biggest Diamond charting sale for a new series with new characters since 1997. Is it Jupiter’s or is there one I’m missing? The Magic Order has topped this, but just curious if anything tops it.


ICV2 only lists Jupiter’s #1’s sales as 105,000. It was reduced as retailers could return unsold copies.


My Little Pony did sell loads, as did Marvel’s Star Wars relaunch but they don’t really count as new concepts.


I looked up Saga and was surprised to see that per Wiki it “only” sold 70,000 copies. I remember when it came out there were stacks and stacks of it at the store and BKV’s big return was hyped as a major deal.


Isn’t that US only though?


Those numbers from Diamond never count sales outside North America, Mark would see the numbers for all on his statement which make it higher. That makes it a little tricky to say definitively but right now I am struggling to think of any new titles that did over 105k. Not that many new concepts from Marvel and DC, I know Ms Marvel and the New Age of Heroes books didn’t sell that much at launch.


Yeah, but that’s all that’s ever given figures for.


Yeah, but I presume Mark is talking about the full actual sales which accounts for the discrepancy.


Spider-Gwen #1 did 198,800:


The my little pony and star wars both had the loot box behind them so not really true ”Market” numbers.

But you know money is money.


True but for Star Wars the second issue did over 200k without loot crate so it still would’ve topped the list, but again the concept is from 1977. In the list Paul shared Spider-Gwen is the only thing close to a new concept and that’s a bit iffy as it’s really an amalgam of characters from the 1960s.

I can’t think of anything else from Image as a new title. Was thinking 300 as it was Frank Miller but that’s actually just outside the 20 year window as it was launched May 1998.

Edit: I can see Fathom #1 was the best selling comic of 1998, started in July. I can’t see any figures on how many it sold though.

Edit: Oh I can now, over 250k. Looks like a winner.


Okay at Comichron I scanned the 2010s best sellers, 2000s best sellers and 1998-99. The only completely new concept with sales over 105k is Fathom #1 way ahead at 250k+. Rising Stars #1 was 95k. Then there’s Spider-Gwen if you count that. Nothing else I could see in Diamond reports.


When I looked into this Jupiter’s was the biggest new book since the early days of Image. If Magic Order is even higher then it’s the biggest new comic idea in a generation.


I think you need to take into account more than Issue 1 sales though.

Jupiter’s #2 dropped to ~48,000 US sales, and ~30,000 by #5, at least in part because of delays. Hopefully Magic Order can keep its sales up.


We printed 140 and had pretty much no returns. Diamond UK numbers not included there and there’s 10% taken off US numbers to account for returns (which were less than 1K for us). Our total was 131 or thereabouts. PS This will be the case for the two books above us on that chart too btw if they were also returnable.