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What's been the best comic-book movie this year?


For me it’s Apocalypse.

What about you?


  • Civil War
  • Deadpool
  • Batman vs Superman
  • Xmen Apocalypse

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It’s very close between Batman v. Superman and Deadpool for me. They’re both very different films. I think BvS wins by a small margin.


Deadpool for me, with Apocalypse a very close second.


It’s a weak class this year so far. BvS is my favorite, but it’s not up to par with previous years.


So far Batman vs Superman but I hope to have a different answer when Apocalypse opens here this weekend as BvS was not that great.


Deadpool for me though I haven’t seen Apocalypse yet.


civil war lived up to the hype as did dead pool…I’m still waiting for the x-men to hit hit theaters… so far I would have to go with civil war especially with how the ending went dark… and when ant man turned giant I kind of lost my mind…


So far Civil War.

We get Apocalypse the 27th, a week before flippin’ payday!

Making do with the animated Ellis series.


Haven’t seen apocalypse yet but civil war has been the best so far actually I did love deadpool


Batman v. Superman for me.
I’m sorry, but I think this is the Lex Luthor we needed.

I do hope that when I see Apocalypse it overtakes it.


Apocalypse for me!

Should we make this thread into a poll?


Is that the X-Men anime? Where they go to Japan?
I still need to watch the last episode.


It seems to be all Japanese, with acting in English. Came across it as a cable freebie, 12 episodes? It’s pretty good - not Dark Phoenix Saga good, but good.


That’s right, yeah! Marvel did a few anime shows and I think Ellis did the plots for all of them?


All I know is this one has “Story by Warren Ellis” on the title card, “written by” is Japanese folks (it’s a bitch to try to pause cable and read them!).

I think it’s this one.


For me it’s Civil War…I know. There’s always one :wink:

But they had Spider-Man in it and he was awesome.


Deadpool or Civil War for different reasons. Was a wee bit disappointed by x-men apocalypse and I’m avoiding Batman Vs. Superman.


Haven’t seen BvS, but definitely Civil War above the others.


Deadpool for me but Civil War is a ball hair off it.

My instinct was Civil War, but I remembered that I had several moments of mild boredom in the first hour of the movie, whereas Deadpool pretty much entertained me the whole way through and gets a bonus mark for being shorter.

I havnt seen Apocolypse yet and I’m holding out hope it’s as good as DoFP which was amazing.


I’ll vote after Apocolypse